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One hallmark strategy that Bill Belichick has leaned on over the years is to focus on neutralizing an opponent’s star skill player—their top receiver, their most dynamic tight end, or their most explosive running back—and force that squad’s other players to step up. There’s just one question hanging over that strategy for the Patriots when…

One hallmark approach that Invoice Belichick has leaned on through the years is to focal point on neutralizing an opponent’s indispensable particular person ability participant—their top receiver, their most dynamic tight conclude, or their most explosive running help—and drive that squad’s other gamers to step up. There’s upright one test hanging over that approach for the Patriots when they face this the Rams this Sunday: Who even is L.A.’s simplest offensive participant?

The Rams boast an extremely balanced ability community all around the board, with two de facto no. 1 receivers in Robert Woods and Brandin Cooks, a develop-it-all utility pass catcher in Josh Reynolds, and a pair of versatile tight ends in Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett. But there’s now not a upright lag-to man in that community. Even All-Pro running help Todd Gurley is a segment-time participant of gradual, splitting reps with a resurgent C.J. Anderson, and if the Rams can use with Gurley standing on the sideline for half the sport—as they did in the championship round in opposition to the Saints—it’s anybody’s guess as to who’s going to be in Belichick’s crosshairs this week.

That is the advantageous thing about the Rams’ juggernaut offense: Los Angeles doesn’t rely on one indispensable particular person participant to raise the community. It’s a ability-packed unit, yes, nonetheless its precise strength is that it’s additionally one among league’s most flexible. With so basic interchangeability built into Sean McVay’s blueprint—upright about any participant in that community can play a few roles—it’s anxious for any defense to focal point on taking away upright one thing. Extra than upright about any offense in the league, the Rams explore in a position to countering Belichick’s angry-scientist scheming—and that is at risk of be the adaptation for L.A. in Easy Bowl LIII.

In the Patriots’ 37-31 use over the Chiefs in the championship round, it became once an effortless decision to originate their defensive sport blueprint all around the league’s most uniquely explosive participant, Tyreek Hill. They doubled the principle-group All-Pro receiver on virtually every play, limiting him to upright one use on three targets. That opened issues up a piece for Kansas Metropolis’s other offensive gamers, definite, nonetheless with Hill taken mostly out of the Chiefs’ downfield passing assault, Ok.C. upright didn’t accept as true with anybody else in a position to stepping in to repeat that sport-changing residence hasten pace, and Patrick Mahomes II and Co. failed to procure in your total first half. There upright aren’t many gamers on earth with Hill’s explosiveness as a downfield pass catcher.

The Rams don’t accept as true with any receivers that can match Hill’s playmaking ability, nonetheless what they develop accept as true with is some basic-wished redundancy in the roles every pass catcher or running help plays. “It’s priceless while you happen to’re balanced esteem we’re,” Shane Waldron, L.A.’s passing sport coordinator urged me this week. “If a bunch wants to strive to retract one thing away, on the final we’ll be in a jam to seek out it in numerous locations.”

L.A.’s offense has some similarities to that of Unusual England in that they’re in a position to being offensive chameleons. If a defense loads up to conclude Gurley, Anderson, and the hasten sport, quarterback Jared Goff has proven he can raise the group along with his arm. We noticed that in Unusual Orleans in the championship round: The Saints stifled the Rams’ ground sport, holding them to upright seventy seven yards and three.0 yards per raise, nonetheless Goff stepped up in the 2d half with some tall-time throws in crunch time. And if a bunch is honest too eager about stopping the pass, dropping gamers help into coverage to strive to compare up, the Rams accept as true with diminutive subject simply pounding them into mud with a smashmouth hasten sport. Of their divisional round use over the Cowboys, L.A. ran the ball an improbable 48 times, racking up 273 yards and three rankings on the bottom.

There’s one other level of redundancy inner every segment, too. In the hasten sport, Gurley and Anderson accept as true with differing styles—Gurley’s a slasher with residence hasten hitting pace, while Anderson’s extra of a downfield tackle-breaker, a combination that provides the Rams the ability to mix hasten ideas and handle defenses on their heels—nonetheless each can even be a sustaining lead-help who can handle 30-plus carries in a sport.

In the passing assault, it’s a the same story: If a defense had been to key in on Cooks, Woods would possibly per chance well be upright there to take up the slack; in the occasion that they tried to lock down Woods, each Cooks and Reynolds would possibly per chance well retract over his role. And irrespective of which participant an opponent is attempting to retract away, the Rams accept as true with knowledgeable all of their receivers to line up anyplace on the subject and develop the schematic ideas they lean so closely upon. All three can play start air, and every has heaps of ride playing from the slot. In L.A.’s two playoff wins over the Cowboys and Saints, each Cooks and Reynolds lined up inner on about a third of their routes, and Woods became once there fifty eight percent of the time. “Whenever you happen to will accept as true with dapper receivers that can line up on the final diversified spots, you would possibly well be in a jam to transfer them round,” said Waldron. “All three guys can hasten all three ranges of the routes and line up in a few spots.”

That versatility is the lifeblood of the Rams’ entire offense. The Rams ran 90 percent of their plays from Eleven-personnel this season—a three-receiver, one-help, and one-tight-conclude explore—and while they’ve leaned on two-tight-conclude objects extra often in the playoffs, the three-receiver personnel groups proceed to invent up the foundation of the blueprint. Crucially, L.A. can develop all their targets out of that explore, each in the hasten sport and in the passing assault, because every of the gamers on the subject can develop so many diversified jobs. The Rams’ tight ends can hasten routes, and their receivers can block―as McVay currently famend, the Rams are “running 12 and 21 personnel ideas (heavier appears to be like that would possibly per chance well characteristic two tight ends or two running backs), we’re upright doing it out of Eleven because we accept as true with receivers which would possibly well per chance well be willing to block”―and the Rams’ honest appropriate play-calling head coach is now not scared to utilize as many variations and diversifications of the identical offensive play as he can. Sprinkle in a wholesome dose of misdirection, and the defense upright never is aware of what’s coming.

“You don’t know who’s going to block; you don’t know who’s going to secure the flit sweep; you don’t know who’s going to be running deep, who’s running speedy; you don’t know if our quarterback’s going to be running,” Woods urged me this week. “There’s upright heaps of weapons on our offense. You never know what’s going to attain help.”

Right here’s one instance of what he manner:

Woods, for one, will get heaps of satisfaction from playing in this comparatively balanced equal-different machine. “You’re now not only [playing your role in the offense] for your brother, nonetheless you’re additionally getting rewarded; you’re getting your plays as nicely,” he said. “You’re now not only running clear-out routes, you’re now not only blocking off corpulent time; you’re in a jam to secure the ball. You’re inflamed while you happen to’re making these plays since you feel a segment of it.

“You is at risk of be blocking off a defensive conclude, and Brandin Cooks is running 60 yards downfield to invent a play,” said Woods. “And also you perceive, I contributed to that play. All these objects you’re being requested to develop, you’re making plays even while you happen to don’t accept as true with the ball in your hand.”

Belichick is aware of that defending all those diversified diversifications will build defense in a bind. “[McVay’s] bought four or 5 issues that I would direct are comparatively specific to their offense,” the Patriots’ coach said final week. “I gained’t direct we’ve never considered them earlier than, nonetheless I obtain the manner they develop them, they mix nicely collectively. They produce of merge into every other. … They mix it collectively in a sort that it’s diversified, alternatively it’s the identical, alternatively it’s diversified. It’s exhausting for the defense to in actuality differentiate or secure in the upright jam.”

Making issues basic extra tough for a defense is that every of the gamers in the Rams’ variable blueprint brings a piece bit of his cling sort to every doable permutation. “One in every of the wintry issues [about our scheme] is that you just secure entirely diversified physique sorts, athletic traits, and then you strive to maximize them,” said Waldron. “One thing we found, as an instance, with the jet sweeps is that we had been in a jam to consist of heaps of diversified guys: Now it’s [Reynold’s] turn—nicely, he will get it and he’s that lengthy-strider, that soft athlete, and he has his cling sort on the jet sweeps.”

That’s the same to a bunch utilizing a “impart and lightning” form of running help committee to handle opposing defenders on their heels. Honest when a defender thinks he’s bought the timing down to tackle one man, one other form of athlete comes in to throw him off.

What objects the Rams moreover other groups, even supposing, isn’t simply a colossal blueprint or their series of athletes. It’s those gamers’ ability to consistently develop. “Execution,” answered Reynolds, when requested to name the largest attribute of the Rams’ offense. “You test these forms of plays hasten by other groups in the league, nonetheless the execution isn’t as simply. So you don’t test it work for them. That’s the extra or much less stuff we be aware; it’s simply to spy—right here’s happening because we’re doing it better than they are.”

In the damage, Belichick can’t simply focal point on taking away simply one participant on the Rams—his defense would secure eaten alive by L.A.’s other playmakers. And since right here’s Belichick, he’ll positively accept as true with one thing else up his sleeve. When he became once requested about the Rams’ heavy use of play-circulation on a conference call final week, Belichick gave an solution that illustrated the topic with focusing too basic on stopping one fragment of the Rams’ offensive puzzle. “Yeah, they’re very simply at [play-action],” he said. “But again, they’re simply at all the issues. They’re simply at running the ball; they’re simply at play-actions; they’re simply at monitors; they’re simply on the deep ball; they’re simply on the use-and-hasten plays. They’re simply at all the issues.”