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The panel was all over the place with their final guesses for the smash hit's big finale, but they didn't even come close on the identity of the Season 1 winner. A strange and wonderful journey comes to a close as "The Masked Singer" brings its final performances and unmasks all three singers. And these…

The panel used to be in every single blueprint with their final guesses for the rupture hit’s mountainous finale, but they did no longer even attain shut on the identification of the Season 1 winner.

A weird and stunning walk involves a shut as “The Masked Singer” brings its final performances and unmasks all three singers.

And these three are singers as they’ve proven week in and week out in some unspecified time in the future of this loopy race. This will be a insist with folks in silly costumes, and there were moments it left us sobbing in our seat. There’s something special about what this does for these performers who’ve spent so powerful time in the spotlight.

Now we delight in obtained the Vegas showman, the legendary soul powerhouse and the song change star in quest of both redemption and new ears on what he’s able to. All three were improbable in some unspecified time in the future of the season, but finest one could possibly derive.

In the cease, though, we were all winners attributable to we finally obtained to gape who used to be below all three masks. By the cease of the hour, every person stood revealed and completely no one noticed the identification of the insist’s first-ever winner coming!

Tonight, the two weakest performers obtained the boot, but we’re going to ticket you strength by device of the bad (and every so frequently salubrious) guesses made by our successfully-known panel of Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong and Nicole Scherzinger first. And this week they were joined by the even worse guesser J.B. Smoove. We damage this attributable to we adore … to torture you.


Peacock went used college for his final efficiency of the season with Ray Charles’ “Shake aTail Feather” and gave it his traditional showy aptitude. It used to be an incredibly enjoyable efficiency, but vocally it used to be no longer doubtlessly the most inviting showcase he’s had but this season.

And with competition as unparalleled as Monster and Bee silent to attain, this could possibly need been device too tame. Attain on, Donny Osmond, you know higher than this; you’ve gotten got been doing this all your existence.

Yes, forward of the monumental uncover, we were silent stable with our favor for Peacock. The showmanship and stage presence has all that over-the-high efficiency that Donny has been giving his followers for a long time. And even when he tried more moderen and fresher songs, he could possibly no longer lend a hand but add his uncommon aptitude.

The most contemporary clues revealed that he had a starring role subsequent to a Pharoah and even dropped point to of the pyramids. These tie in alongside with his earlier rainbow cape and wig finds, hinting at his role in “Joseph and the Unheard of Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Nonetheless surely since every person used to be revealed tonight, it be more about who’s obtained doubtlessly the most inviting shot at taking this crown. As salubrious as he is, Peacock used to be the underdog coming into this finale and we ticket no longer assume he did enough with this efficiency to rupture any higher than zero.33.


Bee’s been at it for practically (she used to be definite to stress that practically) 70 years, revealing that she won a singing competition forward of somebody on the panel used to be even born. She furthermore tried to one-up Peacock by telling us she as soon as had the number-one rated insist on the Vegas strip.

She then introduced all of our soul and grace and ride and gravitas two Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Accomplish You Take care of Me,” and it used to be a colossal competitive selection for her final time performing below the conceal.

She is this kind of grasp vocalist, she wrung every ounce of emotion out of these lyrics with the tiniest flicker of her vocals. Her narrate used to be a exiguous bit muffled below the echo of the conceal this week, but there could be no denying she’s a powerhouse and she or he is here to derive it all.

The panelist rightfully gave her a standing ovation. And while we’re no longer confident somebody can beat the Monster at this point, what a gigantic derive for “The Masked Singer” that Gladys — or whoever here is — used so that that you must possibly lend her legendary space to their silly exiguous insist.

When she signed on, no one knew what a phenomenon it used to be going to be. We’re predicting higher and even more elegant stars in future seasons.


Monster dropped his final T-Effort clue when he talked about he could possibly favor out Bee and Peacock, “whether or no longer it be in my cave at the bar or on a boat.” That final chance used to be a clear nod to his Lonely Island rupture hit from “Saturday Evening Live” by that title.

He is so humble and candy and sufficient and adore for this opportunity to insist who he surely is as a performer and a vocalist. This insist skill more to Monster than somebody else, and that sincerity leads to surely emotional moments.

Why are we laughing at a singer in an shining, smiling monster costume? We wager that that you must query yourself the identical part. This week, though, he spared us from heartache by going uptempo on “This Is How We Function It” by Montell Jordan.

Nonetheless, his improbable narrate silent came lawful by device of and this proved to be one more chapter in doubtlessly the most various contestant of the season. He’s clearly the sentimental licensed and he could possibly lawful be doubtlessly the most dynamic vocalist (no offense to the residing sage on the premises).

And he’s lawful — could possibly silent this insist to be T-Effort — that no one believed him able to this caliber of vocals and no one used to be surely prepared to present him a chance after his autotune usage dominated his public image.

Monster is here to derive and he is surely deserving of the title. If it were up to us, this could possibly be Monster’s season. It is about more than lawful his narrate, it be his complete tale, his versatility, his humor and, no longer less than in part, how damned shining that costume is.


third Put – Bee

This one caught Nicole Scherzinger and us all of a sudden, as we completely expected Peacock to stride to zero.33 blueprint. She and practically your complete panel were in consensus that this used to be Gladys Knight, but Ken Jeong used to be insistent it used to be Anita Baker … and he used to be abominable.

The Bee used to be completely Gladys Knight and when asked why she would agree to rupture a insist love this, she talked about, “Because shall we silent frequently strive to different forms of issues attributable to they elevate us.”

2nd Put – Peacock

The final guesses for the Peacock included Robin Thicke’s “Recurring Al” favor, which the audience cracked up about. Jenny backed off of NPH at the final 2d to pass with Donny Osmond, so Ken went with NPH, as did Nicole. Kenan jumped on weird with “Recurring Al,” but no.

It used to be Donny Osmond, in spite of all the pieces, meaning finest Jenny obtained this one lawful. Donny’s plan used to be easy enough. “Since it be enjoyable!” And he proved what a workhorse he is, silent doing his Vegas exhibits every night while doing this insist.

Winner – Monster

All over again, it is improbable that this ridiculous insist could possibly elicit appropriate emotion but what an salubrious trying victory for the Monster. This walk has intended so powerful to him, and optimistically it will present him the occupation resurgence he so desperately wants — and with a narrate love that, completely deserves.

Monster has been our licensed to derive this insist from his very first insist and he has been the highlight of every episode he’s regarded in. Gash Cannon used to be tidy-confident that he knew who it used to be and wrote his guess down.

As for the panelists, they’ve been in every single blueprint all season with Monster. After getting Donny Osmond lawful, Jenny went device into the cornfields to attain up with Michael Vick as her favor, and even the panel used to be perplexed. Robin went with Jamie Foxx, Ken tossed out Darius Rucker, Nicole did no longer even love her favor of Ceelo Inexperienced and Kenan settled on Tyreese Gibson.

And guess what, they were all abominable.

It used to be a stupendous uncover as T-Effort done his walk of redemption triumphantly and with tears in his eyes. Below no situations again will somebody doubt what he is able to as a vocalist. And we completely adore that his reprise tune unmasked used to be Sam Smith’s “Stick to Me,” attributable to we need his favor launched as a single lawful now!

“The Masked Singer” is a bona fide phenomenon and can very successfully be reduction for a 2d season, and we suspect it will be even higher and longer than this one.

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