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The Samsung Galaxy S10e has almost everything its bigger siblings do, in a more hand-friendly form factor at a lower price. It even one-ups the more expensive Galaxy phones with a better-located fingerprint sensor and a more case-friendly form factor. At $749.99, it's a perfect staging area to wait for the 5G revolution coming in…

Editors' Preference

The Samsung Galaxy S10e has almost all the pieces its bigger siblings put, in a more hand-noble originate hiss at a decrease label. It even one-americathe costlier Galaxy phones with an even bigger-positioned fingerprint sensor and a more case-noble originate hiss. At $749.ninety 9, or not it is some distance an acceptable staging home to assist for the 5G revolution coming in the following two years, and our first Editors’ Preference flagship cellphone for 2019.

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Galaxy S10 Family and Build

Samsung’s trio of S10 gadgets offer related efficiency, with assorted bodily sizes and costs. The S10e begins at $749. The “traditional” S10 prices $899, with an even bigger, crooked camouflage, and a 2x zoom digital camera. Within the waste, the sizable Galaxy S10+ begins at $999 and adds a 2d digital camera (for depth) on the front.

The S10e isn’t truly that considerable smaller than the S10. It measures 5.6 by 2.8 by zero.Three inches, while the S10 is 5.9 by 2.8 by zero.Three inches. The S10+, in the period in-between, measures 6.2 by 2.9 by zero.Three inches. I on occasion acquire phones over 2.8 inches huge to require two fingers to withhold and expend.

The S10e is available in black, blue, crimson, or white; there is furthermore a yellow color on hand exterior the US. It comes with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage not original; that you just can bump as much as 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for $100 more. There is a microSD card slot in with the SIM card slot, to be succesful to add storage, but that’s essentially for media, not for apps.

On the bottom of the cellphone, you acquire the principle speaker, USB-C port, and a not original headphone jack. Some manufacturers non-public been trying for years now to waste the headphone jack, but both Samsung and LG are keeping the faith. Savor the opposite gadgets, the S10e is rated IP68 waterproof.

Conceal and Fingerprint Sensor

The Galaxy S10e has a 5.8-trot, 19:9, 2,280-by-1,080-pixel existing. It be not the Three,040-by-1,440 you look on the bigger gadgets, but dense sufficient at 438ppi that or not it is very not easy to provide an explanation for the adaptation. By system of pure valid estate, or not it is truly moderately of smaller than final year’s camouflage, because or not it is taller and narrower: It affords Thirteen.01 square inches, in contrast with Thirteen.23 on the Galaxy S9. It be restful plenty enormous sufficient.

You are going to have the opportunity to undoubtedly look the adaptation from older phones with the fresh Dynamic AMOLED panel. It be gorgeously vivid and gleaming. DisplayMate Labs says or not it is some distance presumably the most efficient cell existing ever, and I put not disagree. I took a closer stare upon the existing with a Klein K-eighty colorimeter and SpectraCal’s CalMAN machine, and the S10e’s camouflage got right here out with the same brightness and color characteristics as the S10+.

It be a honorable shape than the S10 and S10+ screens, which curve on the perimeters. The S10e camouflage is flat. It feels enjoy there is moderately of bit of a lip on the sting, but I noticed that’s steady the preinstalled camouflage protector (all of the S10 phones are slippery, and they’re all covered in glass, so get a case).

Savor the S10, the S10e has a single hole punch in the upper steady corner for its front-facing digital camera. It mostly lives in the home bar, and I acquire it much less bothersome than the extra-long double punch on the S10+. Ought to that you just can very correctly be searching at fleshy-camouflage videos on YouTube, this can take a chunk out of your video, but I deem or not it is much less noticeable than a notch, especially since or not it is up in the corner and never at the midpoint of your stare.

In its put of the expend of an in-existing fingerprint sensor, the S10e has a fingerprint sensor constructed into the vitality button. It be much less irritating than the S10’s in-existing sensor. I acquire the button’s placement superior; or not it is some distance the put my thumb tends to rest as soon as I am preserving the cellphone securely. That is highly depending on how you withhold the cellphone, though. I tuck my phones the total system into my palm; whenever you withhold yours midway up your palm, the sensor will likely be too excessive.

The sensor most efficient works whenever you hit it straight on, and revel in other oddly positioned sensors, there is a factual likelihood you will not hit it straight on. Nonetheless it recovers very snappy, and to be succesful to reposition your finger and it undoubtedly works.

Processor and Performance

Below the hood, the total S10 gadgets work appropriate considerable the same. The S10e has 6GB of RAM pretty than 8GB in the higher gadgets, which ends up in an occasional app reload whenever you carousel by rather just a few apps, but that’s not noticeable. Savor its siblings, the S10e is one in all the principle US phones with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 chipset, which affords forty % better single-core processor efficiency and 20 % better graphics efficiency than final year’s gadgets. It benchmarked successfully the same as its higher sibling. For more shrimp print, look our Galaxy S10 benchmarking yarn.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Benchmarked: It be Hasty

The S10e furthermore has Qualcomm’s most well liked X24 LTE modem, which is sooner than any US carrier is kindly of finishing up. It furthermore has Wi-Fi 6, which is intriguing to enable faster speeds on crowded 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks when identical old with Wi-Fi 6 routers (of which there don’t seem like many on the market but).

Call quality and volume are tuned to be precisely enjoy the S10+. That system inexpensive but not blaring volume: 78dB at six inches from the speakerphone and Ninety four to 96dB measured steady up in opposition to the earpiece. The cellphone helps the total most well liked verbalize codecs for excessive-quality verbalize calling, alongside with VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling (those final capabilities will likely be blocked in firmware whenever you don’t plot finish your cellphone from a carrier, so get your carrier’s model of the cellphone whenever you desire them).

There would possibly maybe be one Galaxy S10e model being purchased across the total carriers in the US, so whenever you unlock it, it goes to restful work on all US carriers with their fleshy array of bands. Diversified countries can non-public their very grasp Galaxy gadgets that will work better on their networks.

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Savor the opposite Galaxy S10 variants, the S10e runs Android Pie with Samsung’s One UI extensions. One UI is now rising on me after just a few weeks. Yes, the icons are too bubbly and cartoonish, but difficult menu items in the dialer and messaging app to the bottom of the camouflage is amazingly convenient. The UI’s loose app grid furthermore appears much less babyish on the S10e’s smaller camouflage than on the S10+’s enormous, excessive-res panel, the put it appears enjoy it wastes home.

Yes, the Bixby button stays on the side of this cellphone. The factual recordsdata is that that you just can now remap it to at least one more app, whenever you enjoy; the nasty recordsdata is that that you just can’t remap it to Google Assistant. Samsung steady needs to resign on Bixby as a verbalize assistant and trudge all-in with Google, then all over again it goes to not.

The Galaxy S10e has a smaller battery, at Three,100mAh, than the S10 (Three,400mAh) or the S10+ (Four,100mAh). Nonetheless Samsung has finally gotten vitality management steady, and the implications are swish. We received eleven hours, forty two minutes with the S10e on our video rundown take a look at, steady pretty lower than we did with the S10+, and the cellphone has been living out steady underneath two days of not original expend steady ravishing. Anecdotally, I am feeling enjoy the S10+ will doubtlessly get an additional night with out a recharge, however the S10e will restful outplay and live longer than lots of the opposite phones on the market.

Savor the opposite S10 gadgets, the S10e has Wireless PowerShare, a methodology to fee other devices wirelessly the expend of the back of the cellphone. I will’t determine why you would are searching for to put that other than for topping off ravishing wi-fi earbuds.


The Galaxy S10e has two cameras, a 12-megapixel main digital camera and a sixteen-megapixel, 123-stage huge-attitude digital camera. It be missing the “2x zoom” digital camera on the higher gadgets, though I for my fragment acquire the large-attitude digital camera to provide more moving composition choices.

The usual of two cameras right here is a related as on the opposite S10 gadgets, which is to stutter, referring to the same as it is some distance on the S9 gadgets. To hobble searching samples, take a look at out my Galaxy S10+ review or my comparions of the cellphone’s night mode and huge-attitude capabilities.

The final analysis is that these are very factual cameras, on par with other main digital camera phones, especially in factual gentle. That talked about, no other digital camera cellphone has but developed a win response to Google’s groundbreaking Night Think low-gentle mode in the Pixel Three, which takes some distance and away doubtlessly the most efficient low-gentle photos. The massive-attitude digital camera right here is wider than LG’s, but furthermore moderately softer, with more distortion at the perimeters, which is the label of fish-designate.

There is a single 10-megapixel front-facing digital camera, the same as on the opposite gadgets, but not the secondary depth digital camera came across on the S10+. That system bokeh selfie photos are calculated with machine. In comparison with the S10+, the S10e’s selfie bokeh has moderately of upper depth of disciplinewhich system or not it in all equity much less dramaticand would possibly maybe perchance well simply infrequently hiccup and never correctly blur an object in the background, one thing Samsung can positively repair in machine.

The Galaxy S10 household from left to steady: S10e, S10, and S10+


I am biased. I buy phones that undoubtedly match in my hand, and if one thing prices over $1,000, it better non-public a truly factual reason to put so. The Samsung Galaxy S10e has all of the principle aspects of the S10 series: an superior camouflage, a swiftly processor, a sizable modem, Wi-Fi 6, a brand fresh UI, and a big-attitude digital camera. Nonetheless not like the S10+, it matches in my hand, would not weigh a ton, and costs even lower than the Google Pixel Three.

Substitute-in affords get the label even decrease. Leaping up from a Galaxy S8 or an iPhone 7 nets you $300, making the S10e fee a mere $449 and leaving you a complete lot of budgetary room to soar as much as a 5G cellphone in step with Qualcomm’s upcoming integrated Snapdragon 865 chipset when your carrier activates gargantuan 5G coverage in slow 2020.

Even with out a alternate-in and the expend of a monthly fee realizing, that you just can very correctly be more liable to pay for this cellphone over two years than three, which goes to put you in a truly factual discipline: When S10+ householders are restful puttering alongside on 4G two years from now, you will likely be jumping on 5G networks steady as they’re turning into widely standard in 2021.

Your Android option is now, undoubtedly, between three phones. The Pixel Three has Night Think, doubtlessly the most efficient low-gentle digital camera mode on hand. That is a enormous deal. Nonetheless the Galaxy S10e has faster all the pieces, a unbiased steady better camouflage, a big-attitude digital camera, more digital camera modes, expandable memory, and it prices $50 much less. Both are factual choices. There is furthermore the OnePlus 6T, a step down in digital camera quality, but an incredible cellphone all spherical for $580.

Samsung made assorted choices from Apple this year, and slash fewer corners. The $749 Apple iPhone XR is a honorable beast from the iPhone XS: It makes expend of a more cost-effective camouflage abilities and a more cost-effective modem, segment of why I in actual fact handy the more pricey gadgets. Nonetheless the S10e requires fewer compromises from Galaxy householders, and affords efficiency closer to the higher-finish gadgets.

I do know my different isn’t necessarily going to be doubtlessly the most neatly-preferred one: American citizens tend to deem bigger is more healthy and to trudge for the finish-of-the-line model each time that that you just can agree with. Nonetheless I deem that the wiser different right here is to trudge for the smaller, much less pricey model. That makes the Samsung Galaxy S10e doubtlessly the most efficient Android cellphone to plot finish steady now and our Editors’ Preference.