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Well, that's one way to kick off a finale! Colton Underwood's Bachelor journey aired night one of its two-part finale on Monday night. Fans were left with a cliffhanger last week, as the 27-year-old former football player hopped a fence into the Portuguese darkness, after admitting he was in love with Cassie, who had just dumped…

Properly, that is one system to kick off a finale! 

Colton Underwood‘s Bachelor trudge aired night regarded as one of its two-share finale on Monday night. Fans have been left with a cliffhanger closing week, as the 27-yr-old old football player hopped a fence into the Portuguese darkness, after admitting he used to be in admire with Cassie, who had correct dumped him. 

We chanced on out exactly what took place after Colton’s ruin out on Monday night, and ET used to be live running a blog along the system, with our Lauren Zima going live with Roses and Rose without lengthen after the episode. 

Colton, who used to be already our first virgin Bachelor, once more made franchise historical past on Monday, as he modified into the first individual to head from three females left to a huge old ZERO! On the other hand, after breaking things off with Tayshia and Hannah G., followers rapid chanced on out that Colton had plans to build up Cassie relief. The episode ended with him knocking on her door. 

“Cassie left me, nevertheless I amassed admire her,” he told the camera — after she had correct published how she’s having a take a look at forward to him transferring on. “I develop now not need to leave right here with out her.” 

Whereas speaking with ET on the “Girls Repeat All” special, host Chris Harrison said that Colton “didn’t come relief” to the existing after his fence jump on his possess. “He gave himself up in a ability that we chanced on him,” he outlined. 

“We called relief to Los Angeles… and we awakened diversified govt producers and executives and said, ‘Right here’s what’s going down. What’s going to we attain?’ and so that they said, ‘At some level, you are gonna need to call the authorities,'” Chris recalled. “Happily as we have been about [to call the cops], a persons’ walkie talkie clips.”

“That is where we grab up subsequent week with the finale,” he added. “It is probably you’ll maybe maybe look us plod him down.”

Be taught how everything played out below. 

The next day Night…

6:Fifty eight PM:

“It be over. All of right here is over,” Colton says within the promo for subsequent week’s episode. “Cassie left me, nevertheless I amassed admire her, and I said goodbye to Tayshia and Hannah because I knew… I will’t be in admire with extra than one individual.”

“I develop now not need to leave right here with out her,” he continues, as we uncover out that CASSIE IS STILL IN PORTUGAL.

“Colton wants to originate a household and a existence with somebody lawful now… I’m able to’t take care of the tension of being the woman that maybe takes something genuinely special from him away,” she says, as she explains that she’s having a take a look at forward to getting residence to her household.

Colton cries… ands heads to a mysterious situation to build up Cassie relief. THREE KNOCKS ON A DOOR… and that is the reason it.

Colton’s Acquired “Threat and Reward”

6:Forty eight PM:

“He’s the total diagram down to no person!” Jason notes. “His instincts and intuition are serving him neatly… unless you accumulate closure, that you simply might well maybe now not trot on. I develop now not think he’ll be in a situation to trot on with out that closure, and god bless him for going for it.”

Garrett thinks it be a diminutive extra complex. “It has to be what she wants as neatly,” he says

Colton Makes Bachelor Historical past

6:45 PM:

Jason Tartick, Blake Horstmann and Garrett Yrigoyen cease by to chit chat about Colton’s queer downside — he’s the first Bachelor to build up to a finale with zero females!


6:34 PM:

Hannah tells Colton that it used to be “never a consideration” to now not be with him (admire it used to be for Cassie), and asks why he didn’t think about spending beyond regular time with her. 

“The night that I quit The Bachelor… in that moment, the existing used to be over,” he says, looking for to portray why he never conception of getting one other date with Hannah after his fence jump. 

“What Cassie did to you is exactly what you did to me, and I was left with nothing. I conception you have been going to plod me,” Hannah finds. “It has been genuinely, genuinely tough.” 

Parting phrases? Hannah calls it a “slap within the face” that Colton told Cassie he conception of her on his dates with the diversified females, nevertheless says she wishes him the obedient.

Colton Sits Down With Hannah

6:28 PM:

“I was in admire with him, and deep down, I conception it used to be going to be us,” Hannah tells Chris within the scorching seat. “Nonetheless lawful now, no, [I’m not in love with him]. Address is a two-system aspect road.” 

When Colton comes out, Hannah provides him half of her mind. “You literally said you conception it used to be us the total time,” she says. 

“I tried my hardest to defend as originate as I could well maybe maybe. I knew heading into that week, it used to be going to be the most tough, and the toughest for me to achieve that. With you, it used to be the realization of how powerful I gave myself to somebody else that I could well maybe maybe not proceed on lustrous I wasn’t going to be all in,” Colton explains, telling Hannah that his breakup with Cassie used to be his wakeup call, and he didn’t desire Hannah to be a “relief-up knowing.” 

Hannah’s within the Scorching Seat

6:19 PM:

“To search that his reaction is admire that, is de facto exhausting for me,” Hannah tells Chris, explaining that she conception he used to be going to be comely after their breakup. 

“I didn’t know he had long gone on any diversified dates or something,” she continues. “No person wants to need to survey that. One amongst the toughest moments you might well maybe maybe moreover simply have had on your existence… it brings those reminiscences relief.” 

Hannah then tears up recalling how followers have asked to study her engagement ring, assuming she’s the one who Colton ended up with. “It be the final rejection… I’m correct perplexed.” 

“I’m Fearful”

6:Sixteen PM:

This breakup is clearly tougher on Colton than the closing, as he only makes it a pair of feet out of Hannah’s door sooner than he has to uncover a seat within the hallway to weep. 

“I’m afraid,” he cries into the hands of a producer. “I develop now not know if I’m giving up a obviously thing for something that is extremely now doubtlessly not.” 

Hannah, meanwhile, appears pissed, telling the camera on her fling residence that she’s now not within the temper to talk. 

Right here Reach the Tears

6:07 PM:

Hannah G. lastly lets loose, and Colton cannot uncover it. They each and every originate crying — even though we’re moderately tremendous Colton is correct about out of tears. 

“That’s the reason right here is so exhausting. I’m pronouncing goodbye to somebody who loves me,” he says. “I develop now not know if I’m making the lawful resolution.” 

Colton Will get Severe

6:05 PM:

Colton tells Hannah that he doesn’t have an solution as to what didn’t work between them. 

“I’m genuinely thrown off lawful now. I was so mad to study you. I genuinely conception it used to be admire, obviously going to be us,” she says. “I develop now not know the ideal choice to uncover this lawful now… I literally correct wrote I was in admire with you.” 

“That is what I attain, I manufacture everybody better, and so that they develop now not need to stick spherical,” she continues. “I’m correct so embarrassed. And I develop now not know why I let myself originate up.” 

Hannah G.’s Flip

6:00 PM:

Miserable Hannah G. didn’t even accumulate her story suite date — and when we grab relief up with her, she’s journaling and gushing over how she’s about to assert Colton that she loves him. “I’m placing it all available, ‘I love you!'” she says to the camera — sooner than he knocks on her door. 

“You’ve got been my rock through all this, you might well maybe maybe moreover simply have been somebody who has repeatedly picked me up when I principal that,” he tells her. “I will’t be in admire with two americans, and where my feelings are in one other relationship is at a stronger level than where I’m at with you.” 

Hannah’s face falls. “I noticed that I love Cassie,” Colton goes on. 

“I didn’t put a question to for you to converse that, the least bit,” Hannah says. 

“I conception it used to be going to be you,” Colton replies. WHAT!?!!?

Colton Comes Face-to-Face With Tayshia

5:fifty two PM:

Colton and Tayshia take a look at moderately qualified within the scorching seat. 

“Coming into this, I knew afterward and down the aspect road used to be going to be very tough,” Colton says. “It used to be in that moment where I gave all of myself to Cassie that I genuinely have so powerful recognize for you… to proceed to be half of in. I tried to stay as originate as I could well maybe maybe in diversified relationships for as prolonged as I could well maybe maybe.” 

“It roughly helped to survey everything relief,” Tayshia admits. 

Colton says he stands by the alternatives he made on the existing. 

“I correct wish the obedient for you. I will now not uncover something that I’ve learned and we shared without any consideration,” Tayshia replies. “Thank you for everything.”

Tayshia within the Scorching Seat

5:forty seven PM:

Tayshia hits the scorching seat with Chris. “It used to be a surprise, and I wasn’t necessarily ready for my trudge to total then and there,” she confesses. “I was [in love].” 

“He used to be shaking and he looked admire there used to be something genuinely irascible… lawful then and there, I knew this used to be now not lawful,” Tayshia continues. “It wasn’t lawful.” 

“To be honest correct with you, it injure. I develop now not think any one genuinely wants to hear that, especially when I possess admire I’ve genuinely laid it all available,” Tayshia says when Chris asks what it used to be steal to hear Colton used to be in admire with Cassie. “When he said that, I knew how exhausting that used to be to admit that… I needed to steal myself from that downside. And I needed to be there for him.” 

Tayshia Packs Up

5:Forty one PM:

Is that every one she delivered to Portugal? Tayshia reputedly only had two private items (now not even a raise-on?), because that’s what she grabbed relief in her room sooner than leaving Portugal. 

We’re hoping producers correct packed her up for her, because as Chris notes relief in L.A., that used to be “heartbreaking!”  


5:38 PM:

“Don’t weep, please!” Tayshia begs Colton from on the help of the door — nevertheless we amassed cannot look something. “I’m sorry.”


“I develop now not need to battle through this,” Tayshia tells Colton, now crying herself. “I develop now not know. So, right here is admire, it?” 

“Yeah,” Colton says, opening the door and giving Tayshia a hug goodbye. 

No Cameras!

5:35 PM:

Colton’s shaking once more. “You are incredible, and I correct owe you recognize and the honesty,” Colton begins. “I knew that I was falling for you, nevertheless in my heart, I do know I’m able to’t admire two americans. My heart’s with somebody else. I love Cassie.” 

“Mhmm,” Tayshia replies. (Did she look this coming? There are no tears.)

“I’m sorry. You develop now not deserve that. You develop now not,” Colton says. 

“Can we talk with out all these cameras?” Tayshia asks, as they head inside of and cease the door. 

Time to Destroy Up With Tayshia

5:33 PM:

“Final night, Cassie walked some distance from me, and I possess the loneliest that I’ve ever felt,” Colton tells the camera. “I need to be with Cassie. I love her enough to probability everything. I need to now not only assert her, nevertheless existing her. I do know what I need to achieve.” 

Who is on the diversified aspect of the door Colton is knocking on? Tayshia!

Nonetheless What If She’s No longer Into You?

5:28 PM:

“Nonetheless, what if she’s correct now not into you?” Chris asks Colton amid the Bachelor’s insistence to battle for Cassie. 

“I suspect I genuinely have a moderately lawful gut instinct… I suspect she loves me. I suspect she’s afraid,” Colton says. “I possess admire Cassie completes me lawful now.” 

“So, you assert me… where will we trot from right here?” Chris asks. 

We think we already know the solution: Colton’s going to strive to build up Cassie relief!

The Next Day…

5:24 PM:

We accumulate some dramatic knocking by Chris on Colton’s hotel room door. 

“Final night used to be wild,” Chris says, as they sit down for a chat. “I was correct fearful about you.” 

“I correct principal time alone to process,” Colton solutions. “Final night, I didn’t need to trot on with out her.” 

Our Bachelor says he knew something used to be off as quickly as Cassie walked in the direction of him. “I was falling in admire with Tayshia, and I was falling in admire with Hannah. I fell in admire with Cassie. Cassie shut my heart off,” he admits. 

Chris Catches As a lot as Colton

5:18 PM:

“What attain you wish? To be executed with the total thing?” Chris asks. 

“Yeah. Done,” Colton says, later calming down enough to cease running. 

“I literally said, ‘I love you,’ and he or she said, ‘I love you too, good enough bye,'” he cries, as Chris reminds him that he amassed has two females left. ” I’m able to’t attain this.” 


5:12 PM:

So… right here’s what took place:

1. A lot of oldsters yelling “Colton!”

2. Barely heaps of darkness 

Three. Manufacturing pulling up autos to survey for him within the dilemma. “I cannot agree with that he hopped the fence,” a producer is heard pronouncing. 

four. Chris making a extraordinarily principal phone call. “We’re out within the center of nowhere in Portugal. It be the center of the night. It be eleven:forty at night… we’ll search one other 20, half-hour, then I might want to call the police.”

5. “A glum figure down the aspect road” appears to be our Bachelor! “Colton! Are you OK?” a producer asks him — nevertheless he’s heated. “Don’t touch me lawful now…. no, I’m now not OK!” 

What Comes After the Fence Bounce?

5:06 PM:

“So, now what?” Chris Harrison asks, teasing that after a industrial ruin, we’ll procure out correct how Colton used to be chanced on after his fence jump. 

The Most Dramatic Recap Ever

5:02 PM:

It be finale time, and Chris is live to merit us through it. First up, the most dramatic recap ever to space us up for what’s with out a doubt going to be a dramatic two hours. 

Colton’s trudge will proceed with night two of the Bachelor finale on Tuesday, March 12, airing at eight p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Be half of ET’s Bachelor Nation Fb neighborhood right here.  


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