Corbella: Politics of grief backfired on Notley and can backfire on Trudeau too – Calgary Herald
NDP Leader Rachel Notley held a rally to support NDP candidate Janet Eremenko and greet supporters at cSPACE in Calgary on Monday, April 8, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia Tuesday’s election win that gave Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party a majority government holds many lessons for those who engage in the politics of fear and smear. Not…

NDP Leader Rachel Notley held a rally to fortify NDP candidate Janet Eremenko and greet supporters at cSPACE in Calgary on Monday, April 8, 2019. Darren Makowichuk/Postmedia

Tuesday’s election take that gave Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Occasion a majority authorities holds many lessons for of us that rob within the politics of grief and smear. No longer most efficient does it now no longer continuously work, it is miles going to backfire giant time.

The Alberta NDP ran a disgraceful, cynical campaign of tried character assassination against United Conservative Occasion candidates who were called every identify within the e book, including white supremacists.

More than 70 per cent of eligible Alberta voters forged a pollin this election; fifty five.2 per cent of them voted for the UCP and pretty 32 per cent for Rachel Notley’s NDP — making her authorities the predominant within the province’s 114-year historical previous to manage for a single term. Of the 87 seats up for grabs, the UCP nabbed sixty three and the NDP 24, in step with unofficial results.

Moreover the quit consequence of the election that stands as a repudiation of Notley’s campaign technique, perhaps essentially the simplest example of how vilifying one’s opponent can boomerang comes from what took place to UCP candidate Kaycee Madu, who obtained within the riding of Edmonton-South West against the NDP’s John Archer. In 2015, that seat turned into obtained by a diversified NDP candidate with Fifty three per cent of the vote.

Madu turned into defamed as a white supremacist sympathizer by Archer in a Press Progress tale after Madu posted a describe of himself on his Fb page with a campaign place on a lawn that said “,” which had a runt emblem from The Riot media group within the pretty high nook.

Madu’s rival tweeted sooner than the April 1 Press Progress tale appeared, calling on Madu to “insist regret” for promoting The Riot.

“My opponent is praising The Riot,” Archer tweeted. “Here is now no longer who we are, Alberta. I call on my opponent (Madu) to insist regret.”

The absurdity of that criticism is that Madu is a Nigerian-born gloomy man. Clearly, the constituents of that riding weren’t having a discover about the cynical despise-mongering by the NDP.

Madu did now no longer respond to Press Progress, which is linked to the U.S.-funded Tar Sands Advertising and marketing and marketing campaign to landlock Alberta oil. As a exchange, Madu, who has a law stage from the College of Lagos, wrote on his Fb page: “Our level of curiosity stays ensuring that we rebuild our economic system. Now we occupy zero hobby in divisive and identity politics and politics of personal attacks and destruction, which might perhaps also be the level of hobby of the NDP because they’ll now no longer give you the money for to campaign on their tale of enterprise disasters.”

Short, sweet and just correct.

Like Madu said, Notley and her NDP authorities MLAs couldn’t bound on their disastrous economic tale and detrimental policies that occupy chased away so worthy investor self belief, jobs and capital, so they tried and failed to bound on Kenney’s previous going back more than 30 years.

Optimistically, the lesson of how now to no longer bound an election campaign will at final commence sinking in all over Canada.

All the contrivance by final spring’s Ontario election, then-Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne ran her total campaign attacking Doug Ford, saying he turned into a thorough pretty-winger who would abolish every social program Ontarians held dear.

She and her birthday celebration were decimated — even losing official birthday celebration location — with Ford being swept to energy on June 7, 2018. Her political tale turned into now no longer no longer like Notley’s — with policies that rate citizens dearly and wracking up sizable deficits and debt.

Now, High Minister Justin Trudeau — whose recognition has plummeted within the polls after the SNC-Lavalin scandal showed that he has diminutive regard for the guideline of law and that he bullies females in his cupboard and caucus within the event that they don’t beget his bidding — is making an strive to beget the identical ingredient to Conservative Occasion Leader Andrew Scheer.

Closing week, Trudeau and his Residence chief attacked Scheer by insinuating he sympathizes with white supremacists. No longer even Trudeau can in actuality possess Scheer is a white supremacist. It’s farcical.

Reduction in February, Scheer spoke to the yellow vest convoy that drove in each place in the country in fortify of Alberta’s oil and gasoline trade. Heck, I wrote about that convoy in exquisite phrases sooner than I knew that a contingent of that neighborhood espouses anti-immigrant views.

Scheer spoke back to Trudeau’s attacks, saying: “I in actuality occupy continuously a hundred per cent denounced white supremacy and racism and somebody who promotes those hateful ideologies. And here’s what’s so disgusting about this. They’re the utilization of the very valid threat of hatred and racism in this country to quilt up their corruption scandal,” Scheer said of Trudeau and his birthday celebration.

“That’s disgusting and he must answer for it.”

Here’s hoping Trudeau solutions for it the identical map Wynne and Notley occupy, by being trounced in a well-liked election.

“For lack of a greater term, the NDP campaign turned into a 28-day manure spreader,” said Marc Henry, the president of ThinkHQ Public Affairs, whose polls forecast a UCP majority at some stage within the campaign.

“I saved looking ahead to at some level within the campaign for the NDP to pivot off of the negativity. I found it ironic that the premier’s concession speech turned into the spotlight of her campaign. If she would occupy taken that tone and drawl firstly of the campaign, she might perhaps perhaps perhaps occupy had a extremely diversified consequence,” said Henry.

All the contrivance by his victory speech in Calgary, Kenney said: “On the present time, Albertans occupy chosen hope over grief and solidarity over division. They occupy got rejected the politics of personal destruction and counseled essentially the most detailed opinion ever offered to Alberta voters (that’s) 117 pages long, with 375 insist commitments to rep Alberta working.”

Licia Corbella is a Postmedia thought columnist.