Samsung Galaxy S10e review – The INQUIRER
DOING THINGS OUT OF SPITE doesn't seem to be Samsung's style, but the Galaxy S10e looks like it's been created just to flip the bird at Apple's iPhone XR. OK, we're probably being grossly liberal with our in-between-the-lines reading, but much like the iPhone XR takes the core bits of the iPhone Xs and packs…

DOING THINGS OUT OF SPITE doesn’t look like Samsung’s style, however the Galaxy S10e appears to be like to be fancy it’s been created simply to flip the fowl at Apple’s iPhone XR.

OK, we’re doubtlessly being grossly liberal with our in-between-the-traces studying, however worthy fancy the iPhone XR takes the core bits of the iPhone Xs and packs them correct into a more cost effective equipment, the Galaxy S10e does the same with the Galaxy S10, easiest in a smaller equipment.

Turns out that’s a graceful correct approach, as the Galaxy S10e is a safe ‘dinky’ Android phone that comes packing flagship sides for £669; some £130 less than the S10’s starting note.


In a nutshell, the Galaxy S10e is completely a shrunken down S10 – measuring 142×69.9×7.9mm – that eschews the crooked screen edged for a flat point out.

There are other differences; mostly the dual, reasonably than triple lens module on the rear (more on that later) and the capacitive fingerprint scanner built into the energy button on the phone’s appropriate-hand edge.

The scanner is regarded as one of many most easy capacitive ones now we bear encountered, being hasty and responsive as well to easy to attain.

Left-handers might want to gather at likelihood of the region, however that occurs graceful instant. Swiping down on the scanner moreover pulls down the setting immediate menu, which is a orderly touch.

We’d even hiss the capacitive scanner is healthier than the ultrasonic below-point out fingerprint readers of the S10 and S10 Plus.

Rather then those few sides, the S10e has the total gather sides of its greater stablemates, including IP68 water and mud resistance, wi-fi charging, stereo audio system, and a three.5mm headphone jack.

The maligned Bixby button stays point out and upright, however it might perchance perchance also be region to fan the flames of an app of other from a single press; we inclined it to launch the Kindle app and learned it used to be at hand to instant soar help into an e book chapter when commuting.

A protracted press kicks Bixby into gear, which has been improved however mild lags unhurried the Google Assistant.

Readily accessible in 5 colours in the UK: Prism White, Prism Murky, Prism Inexperienced, the garish Prism Yellow, and Prism Blue, the metal and aluminium chassis appears to be like to be severely fetching in the latter hue.The S10e moreover undoubtedly feel completely graceful with its ravishing produce nice and build.

Its smaller measurement and rounded edges build it more straightforward to retain and navigate with one hand than the crooked glass on the S10 devices, even supposing it arguably lacks the pleasing punch of those handsets.

Whereas we praised the Pixel three for its orderly measurement, the S10e blows it out of the water in phrases of ergonomics, appears to be like to be and screen home.

Show screen

Speaking of the point out, the S10e sports a 5.8in AMOLED panel with an FHD+ decision of 2,280×1,080, which works out at 438 pixels per coast. On paper, that’s not as inspiring as the S10’s 550 ppi, however that won’t challenge you worthy except you might want the two phones facet-by-facet.

As a change, you might be specializing in the cracking colours and distinction the S10e point out kicks out, alongside an peek-searing dose of brightness when its cranked to elephantine whack.

There are two point out calibrations to engage from: Gleaming and Pure. The latter offers colours that are successfully… more natural however moreover a tad muted. Gleaming mode united states of americathe saturation and delivers more punchy colours and the expense of appropriate-to-existence representation.

Our want used to be the Gleaming mode, which we undoubtedly feel is most effective for viewing movies. And you might are seeking to leer movies on this screen, despite its exiguous measurement for 2019 requirements, as fancy its gargantuan siblings it has HDR10+ toughen.

For those that bear no idea, HDR10+ is an birth typical spearheaded by Samsung, which adds more metadata to the HDR10 typical, thereby expanding on the fluctuate of vital sides and colours that can even be displayed.

There might perchance be no form of HDR10+ content out in the wild, however HDR movies mild glimpse very nicer on the S10e point out, with deep darkish blacks and colours with hundreds of clout.

As scrumptious as looking out at stuff on the S10e is, need to you resize a video to verify the total point out you might ogle the punch-gap cutout, which homes the entrance-going through digicam in the screen’s top appropriate-hand nook, when a gleaming scene pops up and successfully surrounds the darkish dot in a sea of gentle.

But in on a typical foundation spend, the cutout turns into less noticeable over time. It might perchance perchance be a subject of conception whether or not a punch-gap is less noticeable than a digicam notch; we don’t severely tips both, and Samsung’s cleave-out is an excellent example of point out engineering.

One thing to advise is that the S10e comes with Gorilla Glass 5 reasonably than the sixth-gen model. The phone need to mild mild continue to exist a fall however we don’t point out you high-tail flinging it around.

All in all, the S10e sports regarded as one of many most easy displays now we bear viewed on a Samsung phone and the sting-to-edge gather makes the screen undoubtedly feel greater than the phone’s exact footprint. Samsung is de facto at the pinnacle of its game right here.

Efficiency, storage and battery existence

Because the Galaxy S10e comes with the same octa-core Exynos 9820, you might graceful worthy elevate what we stated about the S10 Plus’ efficiency and educate it right here.

Granted, in the UK the S10e easiest comes with 6GB of RAM reasonably than an 8GB option, however it mild handles every thing from flicking between hundreds of browser tabs and berating colleagues on Slack to gentle video playback and gaming.

Within the Geekbench four benchmark, the S10e hits four,472 in the one-core test and 10,106 for the pinnacle multi-core safe. Shock, surprise that’s up there with the S10 Plus.

The Galaxy S10e powers through Android 9 Pie with fair correct aplomb, even supposing it doesn’t reasonably undoubtedly feel as neat gentle as a OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 Professional; on the other hand, few phones build.

And as worthy as the One UI pores and skin is a upright enchancment over TouchWiz, it mild feels less fluid than inventory Android.

That is arguably correct down to the proven reality that Samsung mild insists on pre-loading its contain browser, electronic mail app, and other application gubbins that native Google apps are draw more marvelous for, which draw you might decide to swipe through an cheap quantity of redundant apps in the app tray. Those apps don’t glimpse huge both, as a minimum to our tastes, with Samsung carrying a reasonably cartoonish elevate on the applying aesthetics.

Gesture administration is an option however it’s miles not as slick as OnePlus’ elevate with Oxygen OS, even supposing the skill to swipe wherever on the screen to elevate down the settings menu is a fine touch.

Issues will even be sped up by toggling the likelihood to lower app animations, which sees apps spring birth with renewed gusto. But we would mild fancy to verify Samsung come out with a flagship phone that includes vanilla Android; elephantine likelihood that’ll occur.

That being stated, fans of customisation is gradually enamoured by the mass of alternate choices One UI offers in phrases of customising the glimpse and undoubtedly feel of the applying; there is a miserable mode and all manner of wallpapers and other customized alternate choices.

The build Samsung’s application does shine is in the inclusion of Dolby Atmos toughen, that might perchance perchance build all manner of content sound ravishing during the AKG stereo audio system that kick out some worthy sonics. Hump in a correct pair of headphones and also you in for a fine aural experience.

Storage comes in at 128GB and that’s the reason your easiest option in the UK. But the SIM tray has a slot for a microSD card to pop in up to an additional 512GB need to mild you so want, even supposing the built-in storage is loads for folk that assign not high-tail crazy on apps and movie downloads.

What is a piece stingy is the three,100mAh battery, that might perchance perchance gather you through a working day however can bear you ever reaching for the charger when you gather home.

Use the phone with gusto and the screen brightness cranked up, and also you might perchance find the S10e affords up the ghost in your commute. Lickety-split charging is on hand to juice the battery pack up in a pinch, however we would mild bear most neatly-liked to verify the S10e rock a exiguous bit more endurance.

Arguably, that is the worth one pays to bear elephantine-elephantine flagship efficiency in a reasonably compact gather.


For the S10e’s rear digicam array, Samsung merely dropped the telephoto lens learned in the day out-digicam setup of the greater S10 devices.

Lossless zoom lenses are huge, however we’re tickled Samsung opted to relieve the 12MP wide-perspective digicam with the dual pixel autofocus, optical image stabilisation and an f1.5/2.four aperture, as well to the 16MP ultrawide digicam with its 123-diploma enviornment-of-watch and f/2.2 aperture.

That is because the worn takes some ravishing photos and the spend of the latter to verify more into an tall shot is handier than some zooming action.

Extraordinary fancy the S10 Plus, the S10e takes ravishing typical photos that are rife with major sides, coloration and distinction.

Samsung phone pictures tends to designate photos with graceful keen colours that usually are not appropriate-to-existence. The S10e keeps saturation in test, however inquire of photos to bear a piece more vibrancy than photos on other flagships. We reasonably fancy the punch the S10e affords photos, however whether or not you build will be a subject of private want.

Wide-perspective photos are moreover very correct; you might mild web web page online some ‘bowing’ to photos with hefty panoramas, however that’s nothing to be pissed off about.

Video is graceful ravishing as successfully, thanks to about a slick boosted stabilisation chops when shooting Corpulent HD footage; gentle 4K recordings at 60 frames per 2d are point out and upright however you obtained’t gather the same level of stabilisation.

There might perchance be moreover the likelihood to handle HDR10+. Unhurried mode video comes in two guises: a 240fps at 1080p or 960fps at 720p for neat-boring circulate video.

There might perchance be moreover a series of smartphone pictures helping sides, including Shot Selection, which makes spend of AI tech to provide on-screen framing guidance to abet you to assemble the most easy shot in step with some suave computing. Or not it’s a tad fiddly and we’re confident enough in our contain abilities to snap a correct photo, however it might perchance perchance be priceless to of us who’re not.

Bixby Vision is point out and upright and is OK at finding photos connected to issues you bear expert the digicam on. But it absolutely mild feels more fancy a gimmick than a upright tool.

One of many most easy application sides is the Live Focal point mode that produces very enjoyable blurred-background portrait pics.

The opposite top sides is a night time mode that does a well-known job of making low gentle pics seem worthy better lit, however can not trump the Pixel three’s Evening Look mode for low-gentle pictures.

And total, we would hiss the rear-digicam array is arguably overwhelmed by the Pixel three, even supposing the S10e’s snappers are mild in the greater echelons of phone pictures.

The 10MP entrance-going through punch gap digicam is moreover a upright flagship digicam, taking properly detailed selfies and shooting video up to UHD, aka 2160p.

It moreover makes spend of some application to almost zoom out to compromise a tad for lacking the 2d lens the Galaxy S10 Plus has on the entrance.

We noticed a exiguous smoothing of our facial flaws when it came to taking pics of our world-weary mug, especially in portrait mode.

We’d hiss the Pixel three takes more tonally balanced selfies, however in any other case, the entrance digicam is ravishing.

Total, the S10e’s digicam setup is of upright flagship nice and stays impressive despite shedding regarded as one of many rear lenses.

In immediate

The Galaxy S10e sits in an titillating region; at £669 it’s absolutely not cheap, especially when the OnePlus 7 Professional starts at £649 and offers a form of punch-for-the-pound. And for £four hundred you might gather the Pixel 3a with an excellent screen and arguably the most easy smartphone digicam around.

But then there will not be an Android phone for that note that provides a series of upright flagship sides – the HDR10+ point out, the cameras, efficiency, IP68 ranking, wi-fi charging – in a beautifully made dinky phone designate. The iPhone XR is de facto the most easy rival right here, and need to you might very successfully be not an Apple point out then you definately obtained’t give a rattling about that.

Whereas the S10e stands alone, it’s moreover worth its asking note because it’s merely a undoubtedly graceful phone to spend.

Had Samsung provided the phone for £500 it might perchance perchance bear a severe contender for the pinnacle Android phone; even supposing wait about a months and there is a correct likelihood you might be ready to purchase it up for more cost effective or on a undoubtedly aggressive contract.

As it stands, the Galaxy S10e is our favourite dinky Android phone, and it sets the fashioned for other – *cough* Pixel four *cough* – to note. µ

The tremendous

Magnificent compact gather, graceful point out, a series of flagship sides.

The gross

Battery existence will be better, One UI will not be always the one for us, will be more cost effective.

The horrible

Nothing; it’s a enjoyable handset.

Bartender’s safe