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For decades, Placido Domingo, one of the most celebrated and powerful men in opera, has tried to pressure women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and then sometimes punishing the women professionally when they refused his advances, numerous accusers told The Associated Press.Regarded as one of the greatest opera singers of all time, Domingo also…

For a few years, Placido Domingo, one amongst the most well-liked and highly effective males in opera, has tried to rigidity women into sexual relationships by dangling jobs and then in most cases punishing the ladies professionally when they refused his advances, alternative accusers in fact helpful The Associated Press.

Thought to be one amongst the finest opera singers of all time, Domingo also is a prolific conductor and the director of the Los Angeles Opera. The more than one Grammy winner is an immensely revered resolve in his rarefied world, described by colleagues as a person of prodigious enchantment and energy who works tirelessly to promote his art maintain.

At seventy eight, Domingo soundless attracts sellout crowds all around the globe and continues collectively with to the 150 roles he has sung in four,000-plus performances, greater than any opera singer in historical past.

However his accusers and others within the alternate verbalize there would possibly be a troubling aspect to Domingo — one they are saying has long been an delivery secret within the opera world.

Eight singers and a dancer have in fact helpful the AP that they have been sexually harassed by the long-married, Spanish-born celeb in encounters that took location over three a few years starting up within the leisurely Eighties, at venues that incorporated opera firms where he held top managerial positions.

One accuser said Domingo stuck his hand down her skirt and three others said he pressured moist kisses on their lips — in a dressing room, a resort room and at a lunch assembly.

“A enterprise lunch is now not any longer weird and wonderful,” said one amongst the singers. “Somebody making an strive to preserve your hand all the device in which through a enterprise lunch is weird and wonderful — or placing their hand to your knee is a little bit of odd. He became constantly touching you in some system, and constantly kissing you.”

To boot to the 9 accusers, a 1/2-dozen assorted women in fact helpful the AP that suggestive overtures by Domingo made them unfortunate, collectively with one singer who said he over and over asked her out on dates after hiring her to reveal a series of concerts with him within the Nineties.

The AP also spoke to almost three dozen assorted singers, dancers, orchestra musicians, contributors of at the assist of the scenes workers, lisp teachers and an administrator who said they witnessed sinful sexually tinged conduct by Domingo and that he pursued younger women with impunity.

Domingo did no longer reply to detailed questions from the AP about particular incidents, nonetheless issued an announcement asserting: “The allegations from these unnamed individuals dating assist as many as thirty years are deeply troubling, and as presented, inaccurate.

“Silent, it’s miles painful to hear that I would possibly presumably per chance need upset someone or made them feel unfortunate — no subject how system assist and despite my most realistic seemingly intentions. I believed that every one amongst my interactions and relationships have been constantly welcomed and consensual. Those that know me or who have worked with me know that I’m no longer any individual who would intentionally hurt, offend, or embarrass someone.

“However, I acknowledge that the foundations and standards wherein we’re — and is seemingly to be — measured in opposition to this day are very assorted than they have been within the past. I’m blessed and privileged to have had a bigger than 50-year career in opera and would possibly presumably per chance preserve myself to the most effective standards.”

Seven of the 9 accusers in fact helpful the AP they feel their careers have been adversely impacted after rejecting Domingo’s advances, with some asserting that roles he promised never materialized and lots of other noting that whereas they went on to work with assorted firms, they have been never hired to work with him one more time.

Most keen one amongst the 9 women would allow her name to be pale — Patricia Wulf, a mezzo-soprano who sang with Domingo at the Washington Opera. The others requested anonymity, asserting they either soundless work within the enterprise and feared reprisals or fearful they is seemingly to be publicly humiliated and even harassed.

The accusers’ reviews lay out strikingly equivalent patterns of conduct that incorporated Domingo consistently contacting them — on the total calling them over and over at house leisurely at evening — expressing hobby in their careers and urging them to fulfill him privately for a drink or a meal, or at his condo or resort room, beneath the guise of offering skilled advice.

None of the ladies would possibly presumably per chance offer documentation, similar to cell phone messages, nonetheless the AP spoke to many colleagues and guests who they confided in. To boot, the AP independently verified that the ladies worked where they said they did and that Domingo overlapped with them at those areas.

The AP has withheld certain info in instances where it will end result in identification of the accuser.

Two of the ladies said they in short gave in to Domingo’s advances, feeling they couldn’t possibility jeopardizing their careers by asserting no to the most highly effective man in their profession.

One of them said she had sex with him twice, collectively with at the Biltmore resort in Los Angeles. When Domingo left for a efficiency, the girl said, he set $10 on the dresser, asserting, “I don’t desire you to feel bask in a prostitute, nonetheless I also don’t desire you to must pay to park.”

So a lot of the accusers said they have been warned over and over by colleagues to never be by myself with Domingo, even in an elevator. Within the event that they did join him for a meal, they said they have been in fact helpful to preserve far from alcohol and meet at a public location — for lunch, no longer dinner.

The ladies making the accusations have been largely younger and starting up their careers at the time.

Several said they took unpleasant measures to preserve far from Domingo, collectively with now no longer the use of the females’ room shut to his location of work, asking assorted singers or at the assist of the scenes workers to stay with them whereas at work, and no longer answering their telephones at house.

The dancer called her avoidance system “the bob and weave, the snigger and web out,” and one soprano labeled it “walking the tightrope.”

Domingo’s impact within the opera world is so gracious that Wulf became the gracious person among the dozens who talked to the AP who spoke on the memoir. And pretty about a folk that spoke did so reluctantly, fearing retribution nonetheless also no longer desirous to inflict collateral injury on the alternate itself.

However within the crash, folk that talked to the AP said they felt emboldened by the #MeToo fling and determined the most realistic seemingly system to attack the entrenched sexual misconduct in their alternate became to call out the conduct of opera’s most prominent resolve.

“There’s an oral custom of warning women in opposition to Placido Domingo,” said a mezzo-soprano who worked at the LA Opera nonetheless is now not any longer among the accusers. She echoed advice that lots of girls said they’d bought: “Avoid interplay with him at all costs. And positively don’t be by myself with him.”


“Am I going to be the aim or no longer?”

One more mezzo-soprano who is one amongst the accusers became 23 and singing within the LA Opera chorus when she first met Domingo in 1988.

All the device in which through a rehearsal of “Tales of Hoffman,” she became chosen to kiss Domingo in an orgy scene. She said she remembers wiping his saliva off her face from a sloppy, moist kiss after which he whispered in her ear, “I wish we weren’t on stage.”

After that incident, she said, Domingo began calling her at house veritably, although she had no longer given him her number. He in fact helpful her she became a talented singer with a promising future and he wished to serve her.

“I hadn’t began my career yet. I became fully flattered. And floored. And excited,” she said. “Then it acquired creepier.”

“He would verbalize issues bask in, ‘Come to my condo. Let’s reveal through some arias. I’ll give you teaching. I’d bask in to hear what it’s seemingly you’ll presumably per chance maintain for casting.’”

Over the course of the following three years, she said, he became uncomfortably affectionate, slipping a hand round her waist when they crossed at the assist of the scenes or giving her a kiss on the cheek relatively too shut to the mouth. He knew the major codes for the dressing rooms and would enter uninvited, she said, which she said she assumed became to pick her undressed.

Domingo became a ingenious consultant at LA Opera within the Eighties when his stardom went mainstream. Newsweek magazine dubbed him “The King of The Opera” in a 1982 duvet story and he regarded on neatly-liked television presentations bask in “Sesame Avenue,” where a personality, Placido Flamingo, became named for him. His collaboration within the “Three Tenors,” with the leisurely Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras, produced the gracious-promoting classical recording of all time.

In location of offend Domingo and possibility losing future assignments, the mezzo-soprano said she strenuously tried to preserve far from being by myself with him, whereas also striving no longer to insult him. However he did no longer pick the hint, she said, and resumed his unwelcome pursuit at any time when he returned to Los Angeles.

One evening, she said, she agreed to fulfill Domingo about eleven p.m. “and then I had a tubby-blown fear attack. I freaked out, and I lawful saved no longer answering the cell phone. He lawful stuffed up the machine, calling me till Three:30 within the morning.”

She said she didn’t memoir his conduct on story of “that lawful wasn’t accomplished” and also feared any misstep would possibly presumably per chance raze her career.

Singers and directors would “smile and shrug,” she said. “Every person would stare me working round to preserve far from him and snigger it off. That’s how all individuals dealt with Placido.”

One at the assist of the scenes workers member said many felt Domingo became pursuing the mezzo-soprano “in some system that she became no longer wanting. We have been all conscious about that.” And a male singer and friend in fact helpful the AP that he remembered the singer in quest of his advice about easy ideas to navigate the area.

The mezzo-soprano said she would mentally prepare herself for the big name’s returns to Los Angeles. “I pale to steel myself when he became in city, pondering, ‘Am I going to be the aim or no longer? What’s going to I verbalize to him when he asks me one more time? How am I going to web out of it?’”

In 1991, she said, “I at last gave in and slept with him. I ran out of excuses. It became bask in, ‘OK, I command that is what I even must maintain.’”

She said she had sex with Domingo on two occasions, at the Biltmore and at his Los Angeles condo.

She said the celeb talked about his “superstition that he wanted to be with a lady earlier than a declare” to serve him relax and mute his nerves.

“I will reveal better — and this can all be as a end result of you,” she said he in fact helpful her earlier than he deposited $10 on the resort dresser for the parking price.

She scale back off bodily contact after the 2nd bump into, a switch she is pleased derailed her career at LA Opera.

“I don’t have a smoking gun,” she said, nonetheless “for somebody who became calling me and making an strive to gape me once a year, every time he became in city, to lawful never contact me one more time and never rent me one more time is relatively helpful.”


“How maintain you verbalize no to God?”

The LA Opera launched in 1998 that Domingo would changed into its ingenious director, after working for years as a consultant for the firm.

A younger singer who met Domingo at a rehearsal that year said he directly began calling her at house.

“He would verbalize, ‘I’m going to order over with you because the long high-tail ingenious director of the firm’” and discuss that it’s seemingly you’ll presumably per chance maintain of roles for her, she said. “Then he would decrease his lisp and verbalize, ‘Now I’m going to order over with you as Placido,’” she said, and set a question to her to fulfill him — for a drink in Santa Monica, to gape a film, to diagram assist to his condo so he would possibly presumably per chance cook dinner her breakfast.

All the device in which through one amongst his frequent uninvited visits to her dressing room, he admired her costume, leaning forward to kiss her cheeks and placing one hand on the aspect of her breast, she said.

From the starting up, the singer — who became 27 and lawful starting up her career — said she felt fearful and trapped.

“I became totally intimidated and felt bask in asserting no to him would possibly presumably per chance be asserting no to God. How maintain you verbalize no to God?” she said.

As the calls wore on, she stopped picking up the cell phone. In person, she gave excuses, she said: She became busy, she became drained, she had an audition, she became married. She quoted Domingo as replying on one event: “It’s a disgrace your husband doesn’t perceive about your career.”

After one efficiency, the singer said she went house and answered the cell phone, her coronary heart sinking when she heard Domingo’s lisp.

He in fact helpful her he had champagne and asked if he would possibly presumably per chance diagram web her up so they would possibly presumably per chance celebrate the efficiency. In that 2nd, she said, she had “a sense of impending doom” that “I wasn’t going to have an opera career if I didn’t give in.” So, she said, she reluctantly agreed.

“He picked me up in his BMW and I acquired within the auto with him. He became very excited. He became touching my knee. I went in my mind into acting so I would possibly presumably per chance live with myself,” she said. She said they drove to his condo shut to the opera’s Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, where champagne became waiting.

“We have been sitting on the sofa and at some level, he began kissing me,” she said. She said he then led her to a bedroom where he took her clothes off, then undressed himself. They engaged in “heavy petting” and “groping,” she said.

Domingo continued to pursue her within the days and weeks after, she said, calling her over and over. “I felt bask in prey. I felt bask in I became being hunted by him,” she said.

Within the crash, she in fact helpful him the calls wished to terminate and reminded him that she became married.

“I became no longer ready for the kind worthy it will mess with my self belief, and my feeling disgrace about it and questioning who knew and if they notion that’s why I acquired a chance or a feature,” she said. “I began to doubt my bask in skill and abilities.”

The singer’s husband confirmed to the AP that she had in fact helpful him at the time Domingo became consistently calling and that “in the end it became moderately fling he became propositioning her.” When she confessed to what had occurred with Domingo, the husband said her description of the big name’s conduct persuaded him “that the gracious system to web out of it became to either give in — or give him a annoying no and stop all considerations of your career.”

A pal and colleague of the singer in fact helpful the AP that she remembered the singer asserting Domingo became inundating her with calls and ignoring requests to terminate. The singer’s weight dropped dramatically and she developed complications alongside with her nerves, the colleague said.

“It became bask in looking out at any individual be psychologically killed,” the colleague said. “She acquired smaller and smaller as an particular person.”

The singer said that once Domingo took over administration of casting decisions at the LA Opera, he never hired her one more time.

Now 49 and retired, she said she is unnerved by fears that submitting to Domingo had mitigated any wrongdoing on his segment.

“I soundless fight with the sense that I let myself down, pushing through and doing my job once I must have raised holy hell,” she said.


“Fabricate it’s seemingly you’ll presumably per chance must mosey house tonight?”

Patricia Wulf, one more mezzo-soprano who worked with Domingo, said he would confront her evening after evening with the same whispered query.

“At any time once I would hasten off stage, he would possibly presumably per chance be within the wings looking ahead to me,” she said. “He would diagram blooming up to me, as shut as is seemingly to be, set his face blooming in my face, decrease his lisp and verbalize, ‘Patricia, maintain it’s seemingly you’ll presumably per chance must mosey house tonight?’”

On the origin, she said, she nervously laughed off Domingo’s remarks, even supposing she regarded as them offensive. However when he persevered, she made her space fling.

“I would verbalize, ‘Yes! I even must mosey house tonight.’ And I would hasten away.”

It became 1998 and Wulf’s career became taking off at the Washington Opera, where Domingo served as ingenious director from 1996-2003 and total director from 2003-2011.

Then forty, she had been hired to maintain two solo roles that year, first in a producing of “The Magic Flute” and later in “Fedora,” which starred Domingo and the gracious Italian soprano Mirella Freni. The chance to work with such renowned singers became a career excessive level, she said, nonetheless the experience snappy became a nightmare.

In an interview at her house in Virginia, Wulf, now sixty one, held assist tears as she associated how, after investing years coaching her lisp, she at last arrived on the huge stage, most realistic seemingly to search out herself going through a predicament she didn’t know easy ideas to manage with.

“You prefer to esteem that once a person that highly effective — he is quite bask in God in my enterprise — when he would diagram up that shut and verbalize that, the major factor that goes through your mind is ‘What?!’

“However,” she added, “you furthermore would possibly maintain as presently as you hasten away and web away, you concentrate on, ‘Did I lawful atomize my career?’ And that went on through that total manufacturing.”

Wulf said Domingo’s pursuit reputedly had no bounds.

“It acquired to about a extent that I would diagram off stage and pick a depend upon at to race at the assist of a pillar, and he would soundless procure a diagram to web to me,” she said.

She said Domingo would on the total knock on her dressing room door uninvited and that she feared leaving the room if he became within the hallway.

“I’d delivery the door and jam and stare if he became there. And if he became there, I would lawful wait,” she said.

She said when she introduced her husband, Richard Lew, to the “Magic Flute” opening evening celebration, Domingo “came blooming up to me, took my hand, shook my hand, kissed both cheeks and he whispered in my ear, ‘I would bask in to fulfill my rival.’”

Lew in fact helpful the AP that he would set a question to his wife after every efficiency, “Did it happen one more time? Did he verbalize the same factor?” He added that “at a undeniable level, we didn’t must set a question to. It’s seemingly you’ll presumably per chance lawful declare by how upset she became.”

Wulf recalled the compassion of a male colleague who supplied to come up for her if she wished to memoir him. “They’re no longer going to fire him — they’ll fire me,” she remembered telling him.

Contacted by the AP, the pale colleague recalled Wulf’s discomfort and said he would accompany her to her automobile at work on story of she feared going by myself.

Wulf said that Domingo did no longer physically touch her nonetheless that there became no mistaking his intentions.

“Completely and most with out a doubt, that became sexual harassment,” she said. “When a person steps that shut to you and with a wry smile asks if I even must mosey house — over and over — I’m able to diagram up with no assorted conclusion than him desirous to bed me. Especially given his reputation for that.”

“It affected the kind I dealt with males for the rest of my operatic career and the rest of my lifestyles,” she added.

Wulf said she is talking out for the reason that silence about what she called the “properly-identified secret” of Domingo’s conduct has stretched on too long. “I’m stepping forward on story of I am hoping that it will serve assorted women diagram forward, or be stable ample to verbalize no,” she said.


“I became frozen in fear.”

One more singer who worked in Los Angeles within the mid-2000s in fact helpful the AP that she already knew of Domingo’s reputation when he took a nasty hobby in her career. She made certain she constantly had an excuse for leaving blooming after work.

“Initially, I wasn’t unnerved. I assumed I would possibly presumably per chance take care of it,” she said, noting that he became continual nonetheless no longer physically aggressive.

However one evening after rehearsal, he caught her off-guard, she said, asking her for a scramble house.

“Your total premise became ridiculous: Why would Placido Domingo no longer have a scramble house?” she said. “However what became I going to maintain?”

Halfway in the course of the short drive, she said, he set his hand on her leg and, as she reached his constructing, directed her toward a aspect entrance and in fact helpful her to drag over.

“He leaned in and tried to kiss me,” then asked her upstairs, she said. She added that she declined, asserting she had assorted plans.

Several weeks later, she said, Domingo approached her on a evening that he knew she became scheduled to preserve leisurely.

He in fact helpful her, “I’ve been making an strive to web you to work on this aria with me for weeks. I in fact are making an strive to hear you reveal this feature. Are you able to diagram to my condo and we’ll high-tail through this aria?”

His tone became assorted, she recalled. He sounded impatient.

“It sounds crazy to verbalize, nonetheless it with out a doubt felt bask in he had invested so worthy time in this pursuit that he became pissed off with me,” she said. “I felt bask in I even have dragged this out and refrained from him for six weeks and he is Placido and he is my boss and he is offering to work with me on this feature.”

She went to his condo, where he poured two glasses of wine, she said.

“He sat down at the big piano and we in fact did reveal this aria, and we worked on it,” she said. “And he gave me teaching and became very complimentary.”

However then, she said, “When it became over, he stood up and slid his hand down my skirt, and that became once I had to web out of there.”

She said he followed her into the hallway, begged her to preserve, then gestured downward and in fact helpful her he had “two hours left,” which she believed became a reference to a sexual efficiency drug.

Attend at her automobile, she sat in shock “for a in fact very long time till I felt bask in I would possibly presumably per chance drive,” she said.

“I went house and became panicked to head assist to work,” she said. “I became frozen in fear for that total contract.”

Since then, she has sung at Original York’s Metropolitan Opera, the San Francisco Opera and in totally different places, nonetheless has never one more time been hired to reveal at the Los Angeles house or with Domingo.

“I’ve been annoying on myself for a whereas,” the singer said. “Having a coaching session with somebody who affords you with teaching is now not any longer consenting to sex.”


“Does he perceive the possibility he’s placing me in?”

A dancer who worked with the celeb in lots of cities began recounting her experiences with him by stating, “My story is exceptionally traditional.”

She said a flirtatious Domingo called her leisurely at evening on-and-off for about a decade within the Nineties, leaving brazen messages that she would listen to in shock alongside with her husband.

Domingo would set a question to her to fulfill him, collectively with in his resort room, nonetheless she said she would most realistic seemingly mosey to lunch with him, constantly framed as a enterprise meal. Silent, she said, his palms would fling to her knee or he would preserve her hand or kiss her cheek in ways in which made her unfortunate.

She said she would wonder to her husband: ”‘Does he perceive the possibility he’s placing me in, that he would possibly presumably per chance damage my marriage, damage my career? Does he perceive what he’s doing here?’ However he didn’t care.”

“Whereas you’re working for the most highly effective man within the opera, you strive to play ball,” she said, collectively with that she became cautious to never insult him and tried to enchantment to his ego.

One afternoon when they have been working collectively at the Washington Opera, she said Domingo asked her to fulfill for lunch at his resort restaurant to keep in touch about work. After the meal, he suggested they hasten to rehearsal nonetheless said he wished to first terminate at his room.

“He took me up to his room, ostensibly to web up his stuff, and he invites me in,” she said. “And he starts hugging me and kissing me.”

She pushed him away, she said, and insisted she had to web to rehearsal.

“After I clearly became no longer going to have sex with him, he lawful walked me to the elevator and went assist to his room,” she said. “The elevator doorways opened, and I dropped. I lawful fell to the floor within the elevator and became sweating profusely.”

A pale opera administrator said he became conscious for years that Domingo became “constantly chasing” the dancer. And a conductor who is guests with the dancer said he recalled after she “said no to Domingo, she had the rug pulled out for lots of years.”

An opera employee who worked closely with Domingo said she found him gentlemanly and respectful, nonetheless confirmed that the dancer had complained of being harassed by the celeb for years. She said the dancer in fact helpful her what occurred in Domingo’s resort room, collectively with that her impact became that “even supposing he became continual, he did pick no for an answer.”

After the resort incident, the dancer said she didn’t work with Domingo for lots of years.

“There have been years once I became a damage about it and unnerved that I’d never be hired one more time,” the dancer said. Within the crash, she said, she became “let assist into his blooming graces.”

Perhaps for that motive, she said she feels conflicted about easy ideas to categorize Domingo’s conduct.

“What he did is atrocious,” the dancer said. “He pale his energy, he stalked women, he set women in positions of vulnerability. Of us have dropped out of the enterprise and been lawful erased as a end result of submitting or no longer submitting to him.”


“He saved calling and leaving messages. I acquired insecure.”

Domingo’s pursuits prolonged past the concert hall, in conserving with one singer who said she encountered him in Italy all the device in which through a backpacking time out.

In her 20s at the time, the singer became a grasp’s pupil at The Juilliard College in 1992, spending the summer season traveling in Europe alongside with her sister.

Whereas in Rome, they stayed at a funds resort off the Campo de Fiori, where she sang within the bathe one morning with the window delivery. The doorman from a shut by luxury resort yelled up to position a question to who became singing, she said, telling her that Domingo became a guest in his resort and had heard her.

“He said you are going to need an soft lisp and he needs to fulfill you,” she said the doorman in fact helpful her.

Domingo — who became in Rome that summer season performing “Tosca” for a live broadcast all around the sector — despatched a message asking her to fulfill him about 10 p.m. at one more resort.

She remembered walking into the resort lobby and telling a clerk that she became assembly Placido Domingo. She became led up to the roof, where a non-public desk became area up and Domingo emerged wearing an elaborate costume-bask in robe and a billowy white shirt, with an soft, younger brunette on his arm.

“Your total factor felt bask in something out of a film,” she said.

She said she in fact helpful him she became a pupil at Juilliard and he insisted she diagram stare him that tumble at the Metropolitan Opera, located a block from her faculty on Lengthy island’s Higher West Side, so she would possibly presumably per chance reveal for him.

“He said he notion he would possibly presumably per chance serve me with my career,” she said.

Attend in Original York, she went to one amongst Domingo’s performances, then went at the assist of the scenes, where he remembered her and asked for her cell phone number, she said.

“At that level, I became enamored with the total area and excited to fulfill this in fact renowned person with an good lisp,” she said. “Then I began getting cell phone calls.”

“He would discuss in this childlike lisp that became flirty,” she recalled. “He wished to diagram assist to my condo — and that became weird and wonderful.”

“In Italy and at the Met, the hook became, ‘I are making an strive to hear you reveal. I’m able to join you with folk.’ As soon as he began calling, it became lawful, ‘I are making an strive to gape you. I are making an strive to fulfill you,’” she said.

She said she consulted a pal within the opera enterprise who warned her to live far from him.

“He became tenacious. He did no longer terminate calling and calling and calling. The major couple times, I set him off. Then it acquired ridiculous. He saved calling and leaving messages. I acquired insecure.”

“His aggressiveness became too worthy to maintain he didn’t have an ulterior motive,” she said.

At one level, she asked a male classmate to answer her cell phone. Domingo never called one more time, she said.


“It became the death of the hero.”

One more soprano said she felt she had reached the pinnacle of her career when the opportunity arose to work with Domingo at the Met in 2002. Domingo became her idol. His prosperous, engaging, soulful lisp had inspired her to changed into an opera singer. Then in her 40s, her career aim had long been to work with him.

She remembers feeling happy when he praised her singing, taking her face in his palms after one efficiency and telling her, “You have moved me. Your efficiency moved me.” He became ingenious director at both the Washington and LA operas and in fact helpful her, “I’m going to search out give you the results you want. . I maintain many concerts. And I set a question to my well-liked singers to affix me.”

One evening at intermission, she said, Domingo knocked on her dressing room door and so they chatted about the efficiency earlier than he moved to kiss her goodbye.

“I gave him my cheek and as one more he became my face and kissed my lips,” the soprano said. “Abruptly there are moist lips on mine. It became a moist, slimy kiss.” As he pulled assist, she said, he asked: ‘Fabricate you already know?’”

“Yes,” the soprano answered.

“Fabricate you in fact perceive?” she said Domingo asked one more time, caressing her cheek.

″‘Yes, I totally perceive.’” she said she answered.

“That’s all I said. However for me, it became the death of the hero. That became the death of my dream,” she said. Going forward, she said she gave him most realistic seemingly her cheek to kiss and now no longer regarded him within the quest for.

“He acquired the fling thought that I became no longer going to be cooperating. And he never pursued me one more time,” she said. No subject earlier declarations of future employment, she said she became never one more time asked to work with Domingo.

Domingo’s star and standing are annoying-earned, she said, and the opera world has benefited from his easy skill as a singer and performer.

“He’s acquired a soul when he sings, and that soul is there within the heart of this abuse of energy,” she said.

Echoing lots of assorted accusers, she said she felt conflicted about detrimental the legendary singer’s reputation nonetheless wished him to know his conduct became atrocious.

“It’s no longer that I desire him to be punished. I desire him to be made conscious. I desire him to give you the option to know precisely the roughly injury — emotional, psychological, skilled and in some other case — that he’s to blame for,” she said.


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