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The drama's just getting started onBachelor in Paradise. Last week, fans saw Blake confronted with his Stagecoach past (and Caelynn and Kristina) on screen -- but off screen, he fought back, sharing private text messages between him and Caelynn in an attempt to clear his name against the allegations she made about him. While their Instagram back-and-forth…

The drama’s correct getting started onBachelor in Paradise

Last week, fans noticed Blake confronted with his Stagecoach past (and Caelynn and Kristina) on display cloak — nonetheless off display cloak, he fought support, sharing within most text messages between him and Caelynn in an try to certain his name towards the allegations she made about him. 

While their Instagram support-and-forth looks to have cooled off, Monday’s episode of Paradise shook issues up for the remainder of the solid, as unique arrivals hit the seaside. ET became dwell working a blog alongside the formulation, from Colossal Mike and Jordan Kimball’s arrivals, to Cam’s meltdown, to Hannah G.’s ugly “slap in the face” to Dylan. 

Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates. 

A Mystery

7:00 PM:

The episode ends with an accurate mystery — who has six toes on one foot and is strolling for the duration of the seaside with them? 

“It is most definitely Blake, because or now not it’s repeatedly Blake!” Demi says. “It is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe merely were banging all people at Stagecoach, now you may maybe per chance maybe maybe want six toes. I affect now not believe you!” 



7:00 PM:

The following day, Hannah’s innocence in the drama comes into quiz, as or now not it’s published that she bought a visit in Alabama correct earlier than Paradise

Then, Dean involves Paradise with a brand unique watch, and Caelynn is crying. 

A brand unique arrival WHO WE’VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE comes for Nicole, and it appears to be like esteem issues salvage physical. 

A Participant!

6:Fifty eight PM:

“I hotfoot to compare with you later,” Dylan says, strolling off. 

Blake calls him a “psycho” and now we have a feeling the drama’s going to salvage more intense. 

“It is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe merely have carried out nothing immoral. Of us aren’t judging you even a little bit bit,” Blake tells Hannah — nonetheless they are. 

“I receive as although she’s had her hand in a lot of of the drama,” Tayshia says. “She’s a freakin’ participant, correct esteem Blake!” 

“She’s now not harmless in any of it,” Sydney provides. 

Dylan tells Derek that what Hannah has been telling him doesn’t line up with her behavior with Blake. “It is the last slap in the face, in truth,” he says. “I’m correct perplexed by it. What am I now not seeing?… Did they date earlier than this or one thing?” 



6:fifty three PM:

Onyeka graciously signals the remainder of the solid to what’s about to hotfoot down with Dylan. 

“I correct feel esteem I gave you all day on the recent time,” Blake tells Dylan. “I waited, I didn’t are making an try to interrupt the relaxation.” 

Dylan says he’s centered on Hannah, and that Blake’s into “every other girl here.” 

“She has a difficult week this week… she wants time to manufacture a resolution on her possess,” Blake says, telling Dylan that he’s making her poor. 

“I correct wanna converse for esteem, five minutes. I prefer all people to be on the identical page… so, what salvage it’s good to salvage?” Blake asks Hannah. 

“I affect now not know, guys,” she replies. THIS IS SO AWKWARD WE CAN’T HANDLE IT. PLS MAKE IT STOP. 

Making Strikes

6:forty nine PM:

Blake pulls out his honest feeble dance moves on Hannah, and Kristina remembers him instructing that pass to her. 

Then they kiss, and all people’s observing. “Hannah, what are you doing? Dylan is sitting correct here?” Kristina asks the camera. 

Dylan is shedding it, and we feel for him. “Love, that is crazy,” he tells the camera. 

The opposite ladies relate him to forestall observing, nonetheless he can now not. He heads over to interrupt Blake and Hannah. 

“What’s up, man?” he asks. 


6:Forty six PM:

Dylan says it feels esteem Hannah’s being a little bit “disrespectful,” nonetheless that is Paradise

On the daybed, Blake tells Hannah that she’s making excuses because “in your gut, you may maybe per chance feel this.” EYE ROLL. 

“Blake is a shady dude. He’ll correct relate the relaxation,” Dylan says. 

“I’m all in,” Blake tells Hannah, explaining he sees one thing with her past Paradise. Then he asks her to dance.

Shot Himself in the Foot

6:Forty four PM:

Dylan and Hannah are cuddling in the pool, and Katie notes that he’s carried out “the entire lot correct.” But appears to be like esteem issues are about to be shaken up. 

Derek jokes about how Blake “shot himself in the foot” by hooking up with a lot of girls at Stagecoach, and then in truth messed his foot up on the seaside. 

Blake, meanwhile, is confident he can manufacture one thing happen with Hannah. 


6:37 PM:

OK, Katie is the unique Nicole, because she is LOSING IT over telling Wills that she doesn’t are making an try to pursue him. 

“Katie has slowly lost her thoughts tonight, and I’m so perplexed by it,” Dylan says. Us too! 

Chris remarks on the “unhappiness” he sees in Katie’s eyes, and takes her aside to converse it out. 

“I correct needed to relate any individual usually I affect now not esteem them,” she cries again. 

Chris is oddly comforting correct now, and tells Katie how extraordinary he respects her. “I’m here,” he tells her. “And here’s where I are making an try to be. I are making an try to be here, and I are making an try to be with you.” 

IS HE COMING ONTO HER? We’re nervous, nonetheless form of into it????? 

“Chris is out of the ordinary,” Katie tells the camera. “Chris rocks.” 


6:31 PM:

Demi and Derek are making out and Wills is searching at them awkwardly. 

“It is uncommon how cushty they are with every other. They already seem esteem they’re boyfriend and girlfriend,” he observes. The rose ceremony is developing, and Wills wants to manufacture a pass of his possess. He’s bought his eyes inform on Katie. 

We are going to now not relate if he’s sweaty or there are tears streaming down his face when he’s talking to her, nonetheless or now not it’s VERY CONFUSING. 

“I’ve been Katie-observing a little bit bit,” he tells her. “I receive esteem you deserve the field.” 

Katie will get emotional, and we’re impartial correct-making an try certain she’s crying now, and or now not it’s now not sweat. She’s hardcore tearful about esteem triangles, and we predict she’s below the influence of alcohol. 

“It is now not going to be between us correct now,” she in the cease tells him. SHEESH!

More Moping

6:27 PM:

Cam is moping around and we’re in truth insecure he’s correct going to let himself salvage taken away by the ocean. 

We’re now not encouraging that, nonetheless we are capable of now not desire his complaining anymore. Switch on, dude! PUHHHLEASEEEEEEEEEE


6:25 PM:

Mike is reallllly into Caelynn, so extraordinary that he’s “flabbergasted” by how extraordinary he’s smiling. We’re too. 

Out of nowhere, they’re stunned by a mariachi band and commence dancing. “Beso!” the band chants, and Mike and Caelynn give them what they want — a mountainous kiss. 

Mike is questioning a pair of future with Caelynn ALREADY. “This is capable of maybe also merely completely be our last first date ever,” he says. 


6:22 PM:

Cam admits he feels “threatened” by Mike taking Caelynn on a date. “It is a mindf**okay.” 

He’s crying in his confessional again and we are so over it, so let’s salvage an change from the date! 

“I’m drawn to you, nonetheless our conversation, to me, is what drew me to you more,” Mike tells Caelynn, revealing he didn’t know she had the relaxation with Cam. 

Mike says he’s in a honest inform to be commence with his heart, and Caelynn compliments him on his “respectfullness in direction of ladies” — clearly a diss in direction of Blake. 

Clay Needs Nicole

6:20 PM:

Jordan and Nicole return from their date, and Clay can now not wait to have his girl support. 

“I had a accurate reference to Nicole… But then Jordan has to expose up and cease it,” Clay tells the camera. “I do know what I prefer, and that is Nicole.” 

He takes her aside and asks her for a comparison of his and Jordan’s dates. “There’s now not any comparison,” Nicole says, pulling him in for a kiss. 

Kick back Out!

6:16 PM:

Onyeka and Cam are SULKING. 

“All I will call to mind is two phone calls. Calling my future fiancee’s of us to salvage their blessing, and calling my of us to relate them I’m engaged. It must happen. I correct want it here,” Cam cries. 


In Cherish

6:12 PM:

Mike takes Caelynn aside, and he or she tells him she’s entirely “commence.” 

Onyeka is fats on in esteem with Mike, and we affect now not blame her at all. This is how we felt about Tyler earlier than Gigi Hadid came about. 

He takes Onyeka aside and makes her needs near appropriate. “Positively had pastime in assembly you here,” she tells him. Forward nonetheless honest. We like this, girl! 

She REALLY wants to hotfoot on the date with him, nonetheless he looks to produce other plans. “Caelynn, can I desire you on a date tonight?” he asks her IN FRONT OF THE GROUP. 

“Yeah,” she replies, and to boot they stand up and leave. 

A Snack

6:10 PM:

“Mike’s a snack!” Onyeka says — because the total ladies fawn over him. 

“He’s suave!” Tayshia gushes. 

“Mike is hot!” Caelynn raves. “He walked into Paradise, and the total guys started sweating.” 

Cam, alternatively, is now not too delighted, difficult on that Mike helped ship him home from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette. 

Colossal Mike!

6:08 PM:

Cam says that his connection is trusty ample to weather any storm — which skill that Caelynn’s about to salvage swept off her toes by any individual else. 

Enter Colossal Mike. “I receive that I’m entirely difficult and mad for what’s to near,” he tells Chris. “Mike Johnson doesn’t stop… esteem is among the great element, and I hotfoot to hotfoot after what’s mine.” 


6:05 PM:

Cam says he’s been “laser centered” on Caelynn, and wanted her to be the Bachelorette over Hannah. OOOOO! 

“It is surreal to say that in a truly instant duration of time, I’d be proposing to Caelynn,” he says. 

He pulls her aside to recap about a of his well-liked moments with her. THIS IS TOO AWKWARD FOR US. She takes a sip of her smoothie, most definitely so she doesn’t chortle. 

“What the f**okay?” Dylan whispers. “Did he write this?” 

“He may maybe per chance have now not had the total swag,” Hannah G. notes. 

Dig Your Cling Grave

5:Fifty eight PM:

Abet on the seaside, Hannah and Dylan spend time together while Blake discusses his “brutal” time in Paradise. 

Tayshia tells Caelynn and Demi that Blake wants to pursue Hannah. “All alongside, he in truth wasn’t [interested in pursuing me],” she says. 

“He wants to have esteem, five pieces of cake and eat all of them,” Demi says. “I affect now not say that is the personality traits of a honest person… I affect now not say he deserves the grace he’s being given.” 

“It is doubtless you’ll maybe maybe dig your possess grave and lie in it,” Tayshia says.

With that, Blake runs proper into a rock, and medics hotfoot over to are inclined to his bleeding toe. The ladies folk chortle on the turn of events. 

Taking Issues Slack

5:fifty seven PM:

Jordan will get prone, and tells Nicole that he’s making an try to desire issues “slack” after his failed engagement to Jenna from last season. 

Nicole talks more in regards to the Blake drama. “It is caused a big quantity,” she says. YES IT HAS. 

“This sh*t is crazy!” he exclaims. 


5:fifty three PM:

Jordan takes Nicole on a date to the jungle, where they’ll be zip lining with Jorge. This closeup shot from Nicole’s helmet is too silly, so whichever producer made up our minds to salvage that wants a raise. 

She’s loving having Jordan there to crimson meat up her. “I may maybe per chance almost watch him being a honest accomplice,” she finds. 

In spite of the entire lot that ziplining, Jorge takes them to the distance where he lost his virginity. “I wished you to have a honest time here… affect now not salvage the relaxation I’d now not salvage!” he teases. 


5:48 PM:

Clay jokes about Jordan taking Nicole on the date — nonetheless the solid can watch by it. 

“Obviously, it sucks. It is now not easy. I’m starting to plot accurate feelings for this girl,” Clay finds. “Now, I’m in a inform of affairs to where I may maybe per chance cease up heartbroken.” 

Round 2

5:Forty six PM:

Jordan goes with his backup thought — Nicole. 

“I’m the Bachelorette in Paradise!” Nicole tells the camera, revealing she hopes Clay will get jealous. “Let’s salvage this element!” 

Dylan’s Drained

5:forty three PM:

Hannah tells Demi and Katie that she doesn’t are making an try to salvage heartbroken.

“I receive esteem Dylan’s exhausted,” Katie confesses. 

“This is more draining than 30 days of The Bachelortte,” Dylan says. 

Blake in Paradise

5:36 PM:

“Blake’s the discipline. He’s correct main them all on, and he thinks he’s now not hurting any one,” Jordan says, noting that as mayor, or now not it’s his job to “watch after the neighborhood.” “I didn’t merely about Blake in Paradise season one.” 

Jordan confronts Blake. “I do know you. You are better than this,” he says. “It is a f**king shit show.” 

“Blake, he’s a dumbass correct now,” he tells the camera. “Now I gotta fix what you f**ked up. What the f**okay?” 

Alternate of Plans

5:34 PM:

“To be honest, I’m now not impressed by these dudes,” Jordan says. “We must renovate, bring one thing better in, salvage a little bit backsplash.” 

He’s having a survey forward to having a “out of the ordinary” date with Hannah, nonetheless she approaches him and says she correct can now not date three other folks. 

“I respect what Hannah did,” Jordan says. “But salvage out of your head.” 

Placing on a Fearless Face

5:31 PM:

Jordan tells Hannah that he wants to desire her out on the date — and he or she accepts! 

“I receive esteem Dylan can now not defend shut a shatter. All he wants is that this girl,” Kristina says. “But Dylan is inserting on a daring face.” 

“I’m now not stunned,” Dylan confesses. 

Following His Heart

5:27 PM:

Jordan’s going to salvage what he goes to salvage — and he wants to expect Hannah out on his date. 

We are going to must motivate to sight what she says till after industrial shatter. 

Jordan Learns the Entire Tale

5:23 PM:

Jordan takes Nicole aside subsequent, and we are capable of now not focal point on their conversation because we’re in scare of all people referring to this as “week two” when all people knows or now not it’s most productive esteem, day four of the total show. 

We’re support in it to listen to Nicole relate Jordan that, “Blake has carried out on a quantity on all these ladies.” 

He then talks it out with Kristina, who offers him the fats epic. “Blake one nighted each and each of these gals esteem they were about a milk cartons at lunch!” he tells the camera in shock. “It is doubtless you’ll maybe now not salvage that, buddy!” 

“He’s inserting his spoon in the total pudding!’ he provides.

Barbie and Ken

5:20 PM:

Jordan reads his date card to the team, nonetheless straight away takes Hannah aside. 

“You are a mannequin, correct?” Jordan asks her. “You are cuter than I imagined.” 

Hannah tells Jordan that she and Dylan have take to each and each other and Blake plans to pursue her. 

“We’re each and each fashions, so or now not it’s miles a Barbie and Ken deal,” Jordan tells the camera. 


5:18 PM:

Jordan is here! After getting engaged to Jenna last season and going by a messy breakup, Jordan is support for round two. 

“I’m difficult. It is my seaside,” he tells Chris. 

“I”m going in here, I’m taking a hot chick on a date, and any individual’s going to be calling me Daddy by the cease of this,” he provides. 

Blake’s Got a Thought

5:16 PM:

It is a brand unique day in Paradise, and the ladies have the roses. 

Cam is “all in” on Caelynn, Clay and Nicole are element, and so are Derek and Demi. Clay “saved us all from Annaliese and gave his rose to Kristina,” Demi says. At this point, the esteem triangle is all about Hannah G. — and no one knows what’s going to happen. 

Blake says he most productive wants to pursue Hannah in any case that drama. “Even though Hannah bought a rose from Dylan… I will in truth watch a future with her, and I gained’t let another guys down here near between us,” he says. 

She’s a Participant

5:12 PM:

We’re despatched to industrial shatter with a juicy promo teasing Hannah making out with Blake RIGHT IN FRONT OF DYLAN. 

“She’s a participant,” any individual notes. OOOOO!


5:10 PM:

Jane, Annaliese and Bibi are despatched home. 

“I became blindsided for a 2d time in Paradise and didn’t leave with what I came for,” Annaliese cries. 

Bibi delivers among the brutal blow, alternatively. “Per chance if I had curved up with Blake, I’d calm be there,” she says. 

The Closing Rose

5:08 PM:

Blake — who the ladies folk reward wanted to be the Bachelor of Paradise — offers his rose to Tayshia. 

“I permitted a rose from Blake, nonetheless there is now not any contrivance I will believe him,” Tayshia says, noting she’d esteem him to suppose regret to every girl he’s disrespected. “Blake, who?” 

Annaliese came here for her esteem epic with Chris, nonetheless he offers his rose to Kristina — and he or she is SHOOK. 

“Wow,” Annaliese hisses. 

Handing Out the Roses

5:04 PM:

Derek is first up, and offers Demi his rose. “Yeah, b**ch!” she says. 

Clay hands his rose out to Nicole, who marvels at presumably getting engaged on the cease of this, and Wills shakes issues up by giving his rose to Katie (Hannah advised him to now not pursue her, bear in mind?). 

Kevin offers his rose to Sydney and his support rub hug is in truth one thing else. JPJ offers his rose to Onyeka after Jane’s tacos made him barf all around the seaside, and Cam offers his out to Caelynn. 

“I’m over the total Blake drama,” Caelynn says, revealing she hopes Hannah will get a rose from Dylan, and Blake is on the outs. 

With that, Dylan is up subsequent — and he offers his rose to Hannah. 

Rose Ceremony

5:03 PM:

Last episode ended on a cliffhanger, so or now not it’s time for the rose ceremony. With more ladies than males, we’ll watch about a ladies folk leave tonight. 

“This is more now not easy than I believed it became going to be,” confesses Hannah, who at this point has kissed Wills, Dylan and Blake. 

Chris Harrison arrives to remind the team that here’s the ideal team they’ve ever had on the seaside, and three ladies may maybe be despatched home. 

Opening Credit

5:01 PM:

We gained’t ever salvage over this theme song.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at eight p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Be a half of ET’s Bachelor Nation Fb team here


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