Memo to mainstream journalists: Can the phony outrage; Bernie is reliable about bias – Salon
Mainstream journalists are having a ridiculous hissy fit over Sen. Bernie Sanders’ suggestion that there may be a connection between the owner of a news outlet and the content or biases of that outlet’s coverage. If Sanders had suggested that Rupert Murdoch’s ownership of Fox News impacts its coverage, few would argue with him.  But Sanders referred to…

Mainstream journalists are having a ridiculous hissy fit over Sen. Bernie Sanders’ advice that there will most seemingly be a connection between the owner of a information outlet and the swear material or biases of that outlet’s protection.

If Sanders had beneficial that Rupert Murdoch’s possession of Fox Data impacts its protection, few would argue with him.  But Sanders referred to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ possession of the Washington Submit — a company centrist outlet. And the senator, an Amazon critic, complained that the newspaper “doesn’t write particularly correct articles about me.”

All of a sudden, the Submit’s prime editor denounced Sanders’ “conspiracy theory” – claiming his newsroom operates “with stout independence.” A Submit columnist tweeted that she’d never “heard a splash of Jeff Bezos interfering.”

Are they deluding themselves? Or sincerely clueless?

I worked in and around mainstream TV information for years, including at corporate centrist retail outlets CNN and MSNBC. No longer like at Fox Data (the put I’d additionally been a paid contributor), there’s virtually never a memo or bid stammer from prime management to disguise or no longer disguise clear tales or viewpoints.

But here’s the sad truth: There doesn’t must clean be a memo from the owner to provide the homogeneity of protection at “centrist” retail outlets that media watchdog groups tackle FAIR (which I founded) contain documented in look after look over the an extended time.

It happens thanks to groupthink. It happens because prime editors and producers know — without being beneficial — which points and sources are off limits. No orders need be given, as an illustration, for contaminated-and-file journalists to realize that the industry of the corporate boss or prime advertisers is off-limits, wanting criminal indictments.

No memo is wished to provide the narrowness of perspective — choosing the total long-established consultants from the total long-established think tanks to stammer the total long-established things. Yell Tom Friedman. Or Barry McCaffrey. Or Neera Tanden. Or any of the elite club members who’ve been confirmed to be absurdly rude over again and over again about nationwide or world affairs.

And then quiz yourself why somebody tackle Noam Chomsky would possibly also be quoted on a customary foundation in the top mainstream retail outlets out of the country, however virtually never in mass media in his own country — despite the very fact that he largely analyzes the policies of his own country’s executive.

Bernie Sanders is not any doubt some of the field’s easiest critics of Jeff Bezos and the very fact that Amazon paid no federal earnings tax final year. And the Bezos-owned newspaper has exhibited an unrelenting bias in opposition to Sanders in latest years — presumably most acutely in March 2016, when FAIR analyst Adam Johnson famously wrote an article that snappily went viral: “Washington Submit Ran sixteen Detrimental Stories on Bernie Sanders in sixteen Hours.” Among the Submit’s headlines all over that duration: “5 Causes Bernie Sanders Lost Closing Night’s Democratic Debate,” adopted an hour later by “Bernie Sanders’s Two Large Lies About the Global Economic system,” adopted a few hours later by “Even Bernie Sanders Can Beat Donald Trump.”

The day after this anti-Bernie barrage, which integrated a half of-dozen articles on how badly he’d conducted in the Michigan Democratic vital debate with Hillary Clinton, Sanders haunted the Submit and the relaxation of the political institution by defeating Clinton in Michigan’s vital.

Whenever you happen to clean are making an try to factor in there’s no connection between corporate media possession and swear material, join me in a mental exercise: Imagine how snappily heads would roll at the Submit in the fantastical tournament that it somehow produced even three negative tales about owner Jeff Bezos in a few hours. (Needless to stammer, there’s extra special to seriously picture about Bezos, including Amazon’s tax avoidancelabor exploitationtaxpayer subsidies and CIA contracts.)

I acknowledged above that there’s “virtually never a memo or stammer from prime management” to newsroom journalists. In favorite times, the media draw works without problems without prime-down directives. But in times of disaster, such as all over the breeze-as much as the 2003 invasion of Iraq — after I became a senior producer of MSNBC’s primetime Phil Donahue utter — there would possibly well neatly be orders and memos.

As the invasion neared, prime management at MSNBC/NBC Data ordered us to bias our panel discussions. If we booked one guest who became antiwar on Iraq, we wished two who had been pro-battle. If we booked two company on the left, we wished three on the right kind. When a producer proposed reserving Michael Moore, she became beneficial that three reliable-wingers would possibly well presumably be required for steadiness. (I understanding about proposing Noam Chomsky as a guest, however our stage couldn’t contain accommodated the 28 reliable-wingers we would possibly well presumably need wished for steadiness.)

All the draw by strategy of that duration, we had been beneficial by MSNBC brass that invasion opponent Ramsey Clark, a former U.S. lawyer favorite, must clean no longer appear on the channel. It appears to be like, some form of blacklist.

When the Donahue utter became terminated three weeks before the Iraq invasion, interior memos that had circulated amongst prime NBC Data executives essentially leaked. (God bless whistleblowers!) One memo acknowledged that Phil Donahue represented “an advanced public face for NBC in a time of battle. . . . He appears to be like to pride in presenting company who are antiwar, anti-Bush and skeptical of the administration’s motives.” The memo described a dreaded scenario by which the Donahue utter would change into “a house for the liberal antiwar agenda at the identical time that our competitors are waving the flag at every different.”

NBC’s resolution? Pull the toddle.

My point is a straightforward one: Our corporate-owned media draw too in general beneficial properties as a company-powerful propaganda draw, and it operates without problems. It in general operates without orders from the owner or prime management, and without firings for blatantly political causes.

At MSNBC in these months, we had been ordered to bias our swear material. Memos had been written. I don’t know that orders had been given in the total assorted colossal TV newsrooms. Yet, the swear material became amazingly homogeneous.

How else gain you utter this finding from FAIR? In the two weeks surrounding Secretary of Reveal Colin Powell’s incorrect, pro-invasion presentation to the UN in February 2003, there had been 393 on-camera sources discussing Iraq on the nightly newscasts of ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. Simplest three of them represented the antiwar movement. That’s much less than 1 percent of the total.