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New York (CNN Business)A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. You can sign up for free right here.War on truth, chapter 9/9/19What story sums up our political and media worlds on 9/9/19? This one:Brave government employees are standing up to Trump's unbelievable claims about Hurricane Dorian and insisting on truth.Trump…

New York (CNN Enterprise)A version of this text first looked in the “Legitimate Sources” e-newsletter. It’s seemingly you’ll perhaps join free gorgeous right here.

War on truth, chapter 9/9/19

What narrative sums up our political and media worlds on 9/9/19? This one:
Plucky govt workers are standing as a lot as Trump’s unprecedented claims about Storm Dorian and insisting on truth.
Trump over and over acknowledged that Alabama used to be at likelihood, when the notify wasn’t, and then he insisted he used to be gorgeous when he used to be gruesome. Federal companies felt rigidity to crimson meat up his lies. And that’s the reason what makes this episode so troubling and so prolonged-lasting. When of us discuss a battle on truth, right here is precisely what they’re talking about.
But right here is the correct news: Staffers at the companies are now not staying silent.

four original dispositions

In an electronic mail to crew, NOAA’s performing chief scientist Craig McLean credited the Nationwide Climate Provider’s Birmingham space of business with correcting “any public misunderstanding in an knowledgeable and smartly timed map,” in a vogue of words, disputing the president’s misinformation. Per WaPo, McLean acknowledged he’s “pursuing the functionality violations of our NOAA Administrative Utter on Scientific Integrity.”
Additionally on Monday, NWS director Louis Uccellini spoke at a convention and praised the Birmingham space of business and acknowledged “they did what any space of business would dangle.” When he requested the local staffers to arise and be known, there used to be a prolonged standing ovation, per attendees.
Later in the day, the NYT, citing three anonymous sources, acknowledged Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross “threatened to hearth high workers” at NOAA over the Birmingham brouhaha. Ross denied the document. But the NYT acknowledged, very namely, that Ross “phoned Neil Jacobs, the performing administrator of NOAA, from Greece where the secretary used to be traveling for meetings and urged Dr. Jacobs to repair the agency’s perceived contradiction of the president.” Later that day, NOAA came out with a B.S. assertion that attempted to crimson meat up Trump despite all the on hand evidence at hand.
The assertion “is now being examined by the Commerce Division’s Field of work of Inspector Commonplace,” the NYT reported…

What’s the takeaway right here?

This: “At stake,” the WaPo’s crew wrote, “is public belief in weather forecasts and warnings aimed toward saving lives and protecting property, as many latest and veteran NOAA leaders and meteorologists occupy expressed fright that this controversy has damaged NWS’s credibility…”

Silencing info

CNN national security analyst Samantha Vinograd emails: “The job of a cabinet secretary — in a democracy as a minimum — is now not always no doubt to be the President’s private censor, in particular when lives are at likelihood. Wilbur Ross’s actions might perhaps perhaps additionally occupy right human and monetary charges. His job as commerce secretary is to map business interests. But by threatening somebody at NOAA who disagreed with the president’s private tale is the right opposite of that — phase of NOAA’s mission is to provide companies and communities with legit knowledge relating to the atmosphere and weather so as that they’ll give protection to themselves. Silencing info is each and every undemocratic and it puts business interests and lives at likelihood.”
Vinograd provides: “Within the near term, restrictions placed on NOAA method that right news — which might perhaps perhaps additionally attach lives as soon as we’re talking relating to the weather — is now not always no doubt allowed to regain out. Misleading news — which might perhaps perhaps additionally spread dismay — is as a change percolating at the president’s behest. That is notify backed censorship with right human and monetary charges.”

Trump “crossed a line”

“To articulate this out loud sounds ludicrous,” Anderson Cooper admitted on Monday’s “AC360,” on the opposite hand it’s accurate: “We now occupy federal workers getting reprimanded for precisely disclosing scientific truths.”
“We dangle,” veteran W.H. ethics approved knowledgeable Richard Painter acknowledged. “And right here is but one more instance of the Trump admin distorting info in snort in self assurance to quilt for the president politically, presenting ‘alternative info’ in Kellyanne Conway’s language, and now it’s affecting the weather.”
Primitive NOAA same outdated counsel Monica Medina added: “This issues for the reason that president’s changing of that weather map no doubt crossed a line by map of the sanctity of the weather forecast. Or now not it’s a ways a must-occupy that NWS reveal with one shriek, in unison, on myth of they order to all the weather forecasters accessible in the country…”

Notes and quotes

— Oliver Darcy tweeted: “Trump’s try to destroy truly the BIG narrative of his admin. He’s over and over beating up the machine, hoping it falls in line. Or now not it’s Orwellian. Or now not it’s a ways a vital field. It mustn’t be swept below the rug. Or now not it’s now not a pair of sharpie. Or now not it’s about an effort to destroy the truth…”
— CNN’s Chris Cillizza in Monday’s The Level e-newsletter: The in truth insidious thing re: Trump’s push apart for truth is “relating to the tradition that push apart for truth creates. And the method in which now not telling the truth becomes incentivized in an upside-down world where despite Trump says can occupy to restful be agreed to completely on myth of he’s Trump.”
— The Atlantic’s David A. Graham says “it’s now not the storm; it’s the quilt-up…”

Trump’s Monday evening rally in one sentence

The sentence comes from the AP’s Jonathan Lemire and Alan Fram: “Making an try to illustrate his political clout by pushing a Republican to victory in a special election, President Donald Trump extinct a North Carolina rally on Monday to paint a bleak record of a nation that he claimed will be overrun with crime, poverty and immigrants if Democrats have interaction energy in Washington.”


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