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Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump held a campaign rally on Monday in a North Carolina congressional district that is having a special election on Tuesday because of credible allegations of Republican election fraud.Trump did not mention those allegations. Instead, he repeated his baseless allegation of voter fraud in Democratic-dominated California."A lot of illegal voting going on…

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump held a campaign rally on Monday in a North Carolina congressional district that’s having a special election on Tuesday attributable to credible allegations of Republican election fraud.

Trump didn’t mention these allegations. Instead, he repeated his baseless allegation of voter fraud in Democratic-dominated California.
“A range of unlawful vote casting occurring in the market, by the model, a form of unlawful vote casting,” Trump talked about in the course of his eighty five-minute speech in Fayetteville. As we have pointed out sooner than, there is zero proof for this claim.
Trump made no longer decrease than 21 assorted counterfeit claims on the rally, most of them statements which were debunked on more than one earlier events.
As we continue to pore over the textual allege, here is the preliminary checklist:

China and alternate

China’s financial system
“I desire China to attain effectively and I’m hoping they attain effectively, nevertheless they’ve had now the worst year in fifty seven years,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: China’s professional 2d-quarter GDP growth rate, 6.2%, used to be the worst since 1992, 27 years in the past. Trump because it shall be cited this “27 years” statistic in July, nevertheless he then started altering it for no lawful motive. On subsequent events, he has talked about “35 years,” “61 years” and “Fifty four years,” amongst assorted figures.
Alternate deficit with China
“China made $500 billion over the final chance of years,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: Trump refers to alternate deficits as financial losses, and surpluses as features, even supposing this characterization is rejected by many economists. The US alternate deficit with China has by no formula been $500 billion; it used to be $381 billion final year when counting items and services and products, $420 billion when counting items alone.
Who’s paying the tariffs on China
“A whole lot of of billions of dollars were and are coming into our country in the construct of tariffs. And China is ingesting the cost, which the unfounded news does no longer are trying to allow you to understand,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: Economic experiences have chanced on that Americans shoulder quite loads of the cost of tariffs.
To boot, “hundreds of billions” is an exaggeration, no longer decrease than in phrases of what has been mute to this level. US Customs and Border Security experiences gathering $41.6 billion from all kinds of responsibilities in the 2018 fiscal year and $34.6 billion in the 2017 fiscal year, and it says $25 billion has been produced by Trump’s tariffs on China in allege.
The USMCA and Canada
“We wish a vote on the USMCA. That is United States, Mexico and Canada. And they’ve already voted. They wish it,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: Mexico’s Senate has voted to ratify the USMCA alternate agreement, nevertheless Canada’s Parliament has no longer held a vote.
The agreement is extremely no longer seemingly to be rejected by Parliament even though Justin Trudeau’s Liberal executive is ousted in the arrival election, since the Conservative opposition party says this might maybe “reluctantly” vote in prefer. Restful, the vote casting has no longer came about yet.
The USMCA and unions
Trump, urging Home Speaker Nancy Pelosi to protect a vote on the USMCA, talked about, “The unions desire it.”
Facts First: American unions on occasion don’t treasure Trump’s North American alternate agreement, a revised model of NAFTA. The AFL-CIO, a paunchy labor federation made up of Fifty five unions, says changes might maybe maybe mute be made to the agreement sooner than the federation might maybe maybe maybe be supportive; in a Fox News look in early September, AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka called its prove incarnation “an unenforceable alternate deal” that might maybe well be “a windfall for companies and a catastrophe for workers.”
As The New York Times has reported, the United Automobile Staff and United Steelworkers, amongst assorted unions, have also demanded changes.


Democrat Dan McCready
Trump talked about that the Democratic candidate in the Ninth District stoop, Dan McCready, “needs begin borders.”
Facts First: McCready does no longer toughen begin borders. His web space says he needs whole immigration reform “that secures our border, respects our authorized guidelines and protects our American values.” He calls for the manager to “toughen bodily barriers with the technology Dan ancient in the Marines, treasure infrared cameras and drones.”
Democrats and borders
Trump talked about the Democrats refuse to work with him to repair immigration authorized guidelines “because they’re trying to have begin borders.”
Facts First: Some Democrats, including presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Julián Castro, have advocated a significant loosening of immigration laws, including a decriminalization of the act of illegally crossing the border. Nonetheless none of them have proposed literally opening the border to unrestricted migration.
At some level of the Trump period, Democrats have voted for billions of dollars’ price of fencing and assorted border safety measures.
Migrants and court docket
“That you just can have a program, lift and unlock: you lift them after which it be major to unlock them. And they’re supposed to return again to court docket in the next three, four, five, six years, and no one presentations up,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: Whereas it is unclear what subset of migrants Trump used to be relating to, the majority of migrants attain prove up for court docket. In 2017, 89% of asylum seekers looked in court docket to internet choices on their circumstances. Amongst all kinds of migrants, 72% looked in court docket.
Immigration authorized guidelines
“What might maybe well be powerful more threatening than of us which might maybe well be trying to pour across our borders? And we have the worst authorized guidelines — we have the weakest authorized guidelines in the history of any country. You can’t attain the leisure to end ’em,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: Here’s clearly inaccurate hyperbole. Recent US immigration authorized guidelines are no longer even end to the weakest they’ve been in the history of this country: the US executive didn’t construct a substantial effort to manage the float of of us coming into the country except the slack 1800s, larger than a century after the country’s founding
There are clearly a huge form of instruments on the manager’s disposal to end of us from illegally coming into the country, from bodily barriers to Border Patrol apprehensions. Trump frequently complains that asylum seekers might maybe maybe mute be released and granted a safe route of, nevertheless that’s also the case in assorted worldwide locations.
The border wall
Trump talked about “we’re inserting up miles and miles” of the border wall.
Facts First: No novel miles of wall had been constructed in the course of Trump’s presidency as of August, Customs and Border Security told CNN’s Geneva Sands. Sixty miles of present barriers were modified.
Overdose deaths and the border
Trump, speaking relating to the opioid disaster and drug smuggling, talked about, “A hundred,000 of us a year die from what comes across our southern border.”
Facts First: The “A hundred,000” figure is an exaggeration, even supposing we have not got an true figure for overdose deaths linked to the southern border. The Amenities for Disease Regulate and Prevention has issued a preliminary estimate that there were Sixty eight,557 drug overdose deaths of any form in 2018, an estimated forty seven,590 of them tantalizing any roughly opioid and an estimated 31,897 tantalizing synthetic opioids including fentanyl.
It’s clearly no longer appropriate that every such a drugs came from Mexico; Trump himself has repeatedly talked about that a significant fragment of trafficked fentanyl comes in the course of the mail from China.

Economic system

Asian unemployment
Trump talked about Asian Americans are on the most efficient unemployment numbers “we have ever had.”
Facts First: The unemployment rate for Asian Americans used to be 2.eight% in August — larger than the two.6% rate in December 2016, Barack Obama’s final corpulent month in relate of job.
Females’s unemployment
Trump talked about, “The unemployment numbers for girls are the most efficient they’ve been now in 72 years.”
Facts First: This used to be one other exaggeration. It has been 66 years since the girls’s rate has been as puny because it has been this year — it used to be three.6% in August, three.four% in April — no longer seventy five years.
We would cross over this if it had been a one-time straggle, nevertheless Trump habitually exaggerates many clear statistics, including girls’s unemployment charges, even supposing the true figure is mute spectacular. In actuality, in step with our earlier fact checking work on the Toronto Well-known particular person, Trump exaggerated on girls’s unemployment in this roughly formula 37 events between the inauguration and June 2 of this year.
Manufacturing jobs
“And by the model: 600,000 manufacturing jobs in this country. Be mindful? ‘That you just can want a magic wand, you can’t attain that anymore.’ Well, we did it,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: The financial system has added 485,000 manufacturing jobs since January 2017, when Trump took relate of job, professional info presentations. The volume is 512,000 jobs added when you return to November 2016, the month of Trump’s election.
Trump’s “magic wand” observation used to be a reference to a observation Barack Obama made at a PBS city hall in 2016. Obama scoffed at Trump’s guarantees to bring again what Obama called “jobs of the previous” without providing specifics on how he would attain so.
Opposite to Trump’s frequent claims, even supposing, Obama didn’t say manufacturing jobs might maybe maybe no longer be created in any admire or created in paunchy numbers; Obama boasted of how many had been being created in the course of his presidency, announcing, “We in actuality construct more stuff, have an even bigger manufacturing cross as of late than we have had in most of our history.”


Beautiful to Strive
“They’ve been trying to assemble this for Forty five years,” Trump talked about of this technique that seeks to construct it less complicated for terminally sick sufferers to assemble admission to experimental medications.
Facts First: There had no longer been a Forty five-year push for a federal Beautiful to Strive laws, consultants talked about. An identical authorized guidelines were passed on the relate stage easiest since 2014, after the Goldwater Institute, a libertarian judge tank, started pushing for them.
Veterans Quite quite loads of
Trump took credit for passing the Veterans Quite quite loads of program that enables some veterans to be reimbursed for seeing clinical doctors exterior the VA machine: “We passed something that they’ve wanted to attain for half a century. We passed VA Quite quite loads of.”
Facts First: The Quite quite loads of program, a bipartisan initiative led by Bernie Sanders and the slack John McCain, used to be signed into laws by Barack Obama in 2014. In 2018, Trump signed the VA Mission Act, which expanded and adjusted this technique.
Energy production
“We ended the final administration’s merciless battle on American energy. America is now the amount one producer of oil and pure gas anywhere on the earth,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: The US has no longer lawful “now” turn out to be the arena’s top energy producer: it took the top map in 2012, beneath Obama, the very president he accused of perpetrating the “battle.”
“America has been the arena’s top producer of pure gas since 2009, when US pure gas production surpassed that of Russia, and it has been the arena’s top producer of petroleum hydrocarbons since 2013, when its production exceeded Saudi Arabia’s,” the Energy Recordsdata Administration says.
Pre-present conditions
“We will repeatedly protect sufferers with pre-present conditions, repeatedly,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: We veritably don’t fact-test guarantees, nevertheless this one has already proved counterfeit. The Trump administration and congressional Republicans have repeatedly recommend bills and complaints that might maybe well weaken Obamacare’s protections for folks with pre-present conditions. Trump is for the time being supporting a Republican lawsuit that’s looking for to uncover all of Obamacare void. He has no longer issued a thought to reinstate the laws’s protections for folks with pre-present conditions if the suit succeeds.
The decline in overdose deaths
“Closing year we observed the major nationwide decline in drug overdose deaths in nearly 31 years,” Trump talked about.
Facts First: This used to be one other of Trump’s traditional exaggerations of numbers which might maybe well be already spectacular. There used to be a rare decline in overdose deaths in 2018, in step with preliminary info from the US Amenities for Disease Regulate and Prevention’s Nationwide Heart for Well being Statistics — nonetheless it used to be the major in since 1990, or 28 years in the past, no longer “nearly 31 years” in the past.

Foreign affairs

Funds to Iran
Trump claimed that the US “paid” Iran “$150 billion” as fragment of the 2015 nuclear agreement.
Facts First: The money in quiz used to be Iranian money frozen in international financial institutions attributable to sanctions, no longer US executive money — and consultants say the total used to be vastly decrease than $150 billion. That you just can read a fuller fact test here.
NATO spending
Trump talked about that, “except President Trump,” militia spending by non-US NATO members used to be declining. “The NATO cost of — spending used to be going treasure this,” he talked about, transferring his hand in a downward sloping motion.
Facts First: Militia spending by NATO members had increased for two years prior to Trump’s presidency. Based fully fully on professional NATO figures, spending increased by 1.eight% in 2015 and a pair of.eight% in 2016, sooner than Trump took relate of job.
Trump-period will increase were bigger — 6% in 2017 and an estimated three.eight% in 2018 — and Secretary Normal Jens Stoltenberg has credited Trump for his feature in prompting the magnify. Nonetheless the upward pattern started two years sooner than Trump’s tenure started.
In 2014, NATO worldwide locations who had been no longer yet assembly the alliance guideline of spending 2% of their Uncomfortable Home Product on protection re-committed to assembly the target. Spending started rising after that.
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