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He's friendly. He's wise. His shoulders probably hurt from making a zillion margaritas this summer. He's Wells Adams, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender with an enviable front-row seat to all the season six drama. On Tuesday, Men's Health had our own heart-to-heart with the beloved bartender about the excitement that's played out so far, and…

He is reliable. He is sharp. His shoulders potentially effort from making a zillion margaritas this summer. He is Wells Adams, the Bachelor in Paradise bartender with an enviable front-row seat to the entire season six drama.

On Tuesday, Men’s Health had our enjoy heart-to-heart with the cherished bartender about the joy that’s performed out to this level, and the you can take into consideration heartbreaks and engagements quiet to reach encourage. (Hint: He feels strongly about one couple going the distance, namely.)

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

As bartender, you are clearly serving to contestants, but you furthermore could discontinue up influencing some of the most drama that plays out. How would you describe your role?

I would recount or no longer it is one phase therapist, one phase sharp advice giver, and then with, savor, a splash of ability to really carry out drinks.

Wreck you ever give of us nice advice on memoir of you already understand it is miles going to carry out the level to extra spicy in the event that they practice thru on it?

I even haven’t any desire to carry out of us’s lives extra tense than they already are in that converse. What all americans forgets is that I even enjoy this form of helicopter gape of all the pieces, and by that I imply, all americans involves the bar individually—they will extra or less earn me on what’s occurring. I hear all americans’s perspective, and then or no longer it is more uncomplicated for me to part together what the exact truth is … I am in a put to give the most easy advice on memoir of I understand the intention it undoubtedly is compared to how one particular person is seeing it.


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Can you bring to mind a converse the put your “helicopter” gape helped you impress some fresh perspective?

I’ve been talking about the [John Paul Jones]-Derek feud loads. It became once somewhat a number of JPJ announcing, savor, ‘I do know Derek is extra or less a womanizer,’ and then all americans else coming round being savor, ‘That is confusing. I carry out no longer realize the put that got right here from.’ I needed to enjoy conversations with JPJ being savor, ‘Except you enjoy receipts—laborious evidence—that is correct gonna bump into as you kinda being jealous of someone else, and that’s the reason no longer a expansive gigantic survey.’

Talking of JPJ, he and Tayshia seem savor such an unlikely match. Is there something we’re no longer seeing?

Now not undoubtedly. The downside that folks neglect is that all americans is on that level to on memoir of whoever they conception their form became once wasn’t their form. In the event that they knew their form, they’d be extra favorable [at dating], and wouldn’t wish to head on a tv level to to procure fancy. What Paradise does smartly is it puts folks which could presumably be no longer your form round you, and further or less forces you to boost your horizons. You explore unlikely duos reach out of there—they’re a extremely correct instance of that.


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At this level in the season, who did you’re thinking that became once presumably to get engaged?

I deem I believed Hannah and Dylan would. I hoped Kristian and Demi would, but I didn’t know—in the episode closing evening, her being expansive launch and correct about having a laborious time showing shows of affection—I didn’t know that became once all occurring, so I deem I hoped [an engagement] would happen. Observing, I became once savor, ‘Oh man, there’s heaps of extra to the story than I even knew.’

I believed Clay and Nicole had been moderately stable, but we all knew that Clay had probabably a runt bit of bit of a phobia of settling down, bearing in ideas him and Angela’s relationship. I wasn’t nice on that one. The one I became once undoubtedly hoping for, and became once moderately assured in, became once Dylan and Hannah.

This inquire of is a runt bit utterly different: Who perceived to be the strongest couple?

Dylan and Hannah had been the strongest couple, I deem. As soon as she in the waste gave her rose to Dylan and no longer Blake, I deem from then on they had been every trek or die.


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What about Chris and Katie?!

I deem I became once less overjoyed of that one going the distance, most spicy on memoir of there became once a mammoth age gap between the two, and I deem that’s a laborious element to extra or less savor, get over. Chris owns savor three bars—he is such, savor, an inclined guy now—[he hasn’t] been in the Bachelor world for somewhat a whereas. In the event that they’ve any concerns, or no longer it is gonna be the indisputable truth that he is correct in a particular converse in existence than she is.

Who knows what’s going to happen. I could well also additionally be correct: I carry out no longer know whats going to happen with them. [Wells headed home before the season finished filming.]

What’s up with Matt Donald? How would you diagnose his relationship concerns?

He is correct in his head intention too noteworthy. That is extra of a ‘being despatched home evening one’ guy, on memoir of he is no longer extinct to … being romantic and being expansive inclined with cameras round. So savor, I get it. I realize him having a laborious time with it, but savor, my advice for him would be: you are correct never allowed to elevate up your mom. That is the final notice boner killer on the earth, when you discuss your mom on a date.

At this level in the level to, did you’re thinking that he had a better shot with Sydney or Bri?

I became once rooting for Sydney. I fancy her. I believed she became once expansive wintry—she had been there for goodbye, and I wanted her to procure someone.


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This level to has this form of brief timeline. Did someone in a couple ever reach to you with concerns about being ready for an engagement by the discontinue of filming?

I deem all americans has those concerns. I would recount, never get engaged when you carry out no longer deem you will marry this particular person; enjoy teenagers with this particular person; consume the comfort of your existence with this particular person … Additionally, the impossible thing about Paradise is—theres this unwritten expectation on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that you just wish get engaged on the discontinue, whereas in Paradise that’s no longer the case. You will most certainly be in a put to head away together, that you just should ruin up and get encourage together launch air, a la Joe and Kendall. There are far less guidelines. [But] when you already know that is your particular person and you truly feel strongly about them, then get that free ring yo!

What drinks are you making of us most step by step?

An entire bunch margaritas, daiquiris, piña coladas—at some level, somewhat a number of tequila pictures. And at some level all americans correct starts ingesting tequila soda. You originate losing interest with the undoubtedly fruity sweet drinks.

What about beer?

No one drinks beer on memoir of all americans is tremulous of carbs. The last notice folks that drank beer had been Bukowski and…me, potentially.