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ImageA bus stop in San Francisco. The worst descriptions of homelessness in the city frequently come from its archliberal politicians.CreditCreditJason Henry for The New York TimesSAN FRANCISCO — Open-air heroin use. Sidewalks smeared in human feces. Blocklong homeless camps and people with severe mental illnesses wading through traffic in socks and hospital clothes.You would be…

Credit rankingCredit rankingJason Henry for The Fresh York Times

SAN FRANCISCO — Open-air heroin use. Sidewalks smeared in human feces. Blocklong homeless camps and of us with severe psychological diseases wading through visitors in socks and smartly being facility garments.

You is also forgiven if you happen to thought that these descriptions of California’s urban ills came from the mouth of the suppose’s perfect detractor, President Trump. Despite all the pieces, as the president jetted off to the Bay Location on Tuesday for a fund-raiser, he took a second with reporters on Air Power One to fulminate against “of us living in our finest highways, our finest streets, our finest entrances to constructions.”

Nonetheless no, the worst descriptions of homelessness here gradually come from San Francisco’s archliberal politicians, who stumbled on themselves this week uncomfortably in settlement with the president they detest. Mr. Trump’s surprising fixation with California’s homelessness suppose is the rarest of circumstances the put the suppose’s left cruise no doubt recognizes a suppose that the president feels strongly about.

Comparatively just a few protesters and politicians said they found Mr. Trump’s surprising hobby in homelessness to be disingenuous and an example of the administration attempting to achieve political points on the suppose’s expense as a substitute of no doubt grappling with a humanitarian crisis that has change into the riding political suppose in suppose and local politics. The Department of Housing and City Trend is, at least, hanging into develop original guidelines that may maybe possibly well flip thousands of loyal residents and citizens, at the side of fifty five,000 kids, out of public housing.

Mute, the shared diagnosis of California’s housing suppose left many policymakers here in the deeply dejected role of conceding that the Trump administration has made some magnificent points.

That does no longer, nevertheless, mean they’ve any design to cooperate with the administration on a retort, given the cauldron of distrust and mutual distaste that exists between the president and neat sections of California. For all of his focus on of homelessness, Mr. Trump indicated to reporters that his sympathies rested with the taxpayers, rich immigrants and trade leaders forced to wade through California’s urban detritus.

“In many circumstances, they came from assorted countries and they moved to Los Angeles or they moved to San Francisco ensuing from the role of the metropolis, and all of a surprising they’ve tents,” Mr. Trump exclaimed to reporters sooner than disappearing in the motivate of the cloistered mansions of Silicon Valley. “A whole bunch and tons of tents and of us living on the entrance to their office constructing. They most steadily want to switch away.”

That did no longer endear the president to politicians already indisposed in direction of his overtures.

“Donald Trump is a slumlord who has spent his presidency pushing of us into homelessness by hanging off smartly being care, food assistance and life like housing funds,” said Scott Wiener, a Democratic suppose senator from San Francisco. “He has no credibility on housing and homelessness.”

Few of us fetch to acknowledge it, but there are issues the Trump administration and California policymakers most steadily agree on. On Monday, the president’s Council of Economic Advisers launched a Forty-page characterize on homelessness that became fleshy of frightful and loyal statistics, similar to California being residence to one-twelfth of the country’s of us but about half of of the nation’s unsheltered homeless. The characterize also blamed tons of California’s hang insurance policies, love its strict constructing and environmental guidelines, for constructing it. That may maybe be a incontrovertible truth that the suppose’s legislative analyst’s office and politicians from Gov. Gavin Newsom on down routinely ascertain.

On Tuesday morning, Ben Carson, the housing secretary, toured a 3-tale constructing with bleached-wooden exterior that looked love the boxy condominiums built for younger techies but became, essentially, a brand original public housing pattern all the intention through the avenue from the outmoded barracks-style projects it modified.

Credit rankingJim Wilson/The Fresh York Times

Mr. Carson great to reporters that the bustle-down public housing towers of outmoded had given authorities housing a antagonistic fame, that folk must no longer stigmatize public housing, that landlords must no longer discriminate against Half eight voucher holders and that rampant no longer-in-my-yard — or NIMBY — sentiment has impeded life like housing and increased-density condo construction near transit.

“We attain want to manufacture societies the put policemen and firemen and nurses can work and then reside in the the same neighborhood,” he said. “Nonetheless one of many mountainous complications, and no-one needs to focus on it, is NIMBYism. No longer in my yard. O.K. to achieve it over here, but don’t come anywhere near me.”

These are roughly the the same speaking points that California Democrats were the use of for years. Last Three hundred and sixty five days, Mr. Wiener launched a bill that may maybe possibly well well if truth be told scheme shut zoning retain watch over from localities and invent it more difficult to quit increased-density projects near rail stations. California cities and the Allege Legislature procure handed guidelines banning Half eight discrimination. Mr. Newsom campaigned on a conception to manufacture 3.5 million properties by 2025, but has acknowledged here is a much-off aim that has zero likelihood of occurring without predominant regulatory reforms.

But as Mr. Carson spoke, protesters chanted, “Trump and Carson, it’s no lie, you’re the motive we sleep starting up air,” while a lady dressed as Dapper Lady lamented the presence of a Trump administration professional in her metropolis.

Just a few of here is pure partisanship. California has change into a precious foil to Mr. Trump, and any signal of settlement with him would be viewed as a political liability. The suppose’s attorney total, Xavier Becerra, has filed Fifty 9 complaints against the Trump administration, on complications love immigration, smartly being care and atmosphere policy. Its Legislature has tried to counter the president on environmental guidelines, local weather trade and labor policy, and its governor is a determined member of the “resistance.”

For its piece, the administration appears to enjoyment of confronting California. On Wednesday, the Trump administration is anticipated to formally revoke California’s loyal authority to situation tailpipe air pollution tips that are stricter than federal tips, dealing a serious blow to the “green financial system” that the suppose became attempting to foster with or without Washington.

In that gentle, local leaders procure some true and cheap doubts about how serious the president is about attempting to resolve homelessness.

And Mr. Trump’s hang feedback on homelessness did no longer supply considerable in the style of reassurance because he gave the affect much less exasperated by the homeless than their obvious victims, love California’s law enforcement officers — “They’re no doubt sick; they’re going to the smartly being facility” — and property owners: “We can’t let Los Angeles, San Francisco and tons of alternative cities execute themselves.”

To ensure, the most major mission for Mr. Trump’s two days in Northern and Southern California became the $15 million he expected to raise at non-public events in the motivate of gates in enclaves love Portola Valley and Beverly Hills.

The homeless weren’t preserving that against him.

“He’s no longer my favourite,” said Alan Catoe, a homeless man asking drivers for money at an intersection on the perimeter of Palo Alto, a 20-minute pressure from the luncheon for the president on the mansion of Scott McNealy, a Silicon Valley titan. “Nonetheless I don’t thoughts that he’s here. There’s tons of rich of us that want to present him money.”

As the president’s limousine sped in direction of Tuesday’s fund-raiser near Stanford, a whole lot of hundred protesters chanted, “Shame! Shame!”

“When at some level of his whole presidency has he brought up programs to resolve homelessness?” requested Toni Norton, a retired sale govt on hand for the relate. “He’s perfect coming here for the money.”

Lola Fadulu contributed reporting from Washington, and Thomas Fuller from Palo Alto, Calif.

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