Exxon Mobil Trouble-Reward Analysis – An Overpriced Binary Bet On Oil That Might per chance well even no longer Terminate Correctly – In quest of Alpha
I don’t think Exxon Mobil (XOM) needs any kind of introduction so we can immediately cut to the chase. Contents XOM's past performance XOM's perspective on the future of energy Bloomberg's outlook on the future of energy An objective perspective - McKinsey Will technology disrupt oil? Risk and reward for XOM investors Those who prefer…

I don’t deem Exxon Mobil (XOM) wants any kind of introduction so we are able to accurate now decrease to the drag.


  • XOM’s past performance
  • XOM’s standpoint on the plot in which ahead for energy
  • Bloomberg’s outlook on the plot in which ahead for energy
  • An purpose standpoint – McKinsey
  • Will technology disrupt oil?
  • Trouble and reward for XOM investors

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XOM investment performance

XOM is a inventory that did actually effectively in some unspecified time in the future of the last 50 years, nonetheless performance has been uneven over the final 12 years.

Further, the inventory is shut to multi-year lows and it is a proper time to test at it to scrutinize what goes on in the ambiance as oil moreover presents a proper indication of the standard remark in varied markets, particularly the energy sector.

Provide: XOM Stock Sign – 5 Year Chart

Now we must scrutinize whether the inventory is in a cyclical downturn, cherish it modified into the case in 2009 and 2015, or is it a structural downturn?

The final SEC filing from XOM disclosed how they ask 50% decrease obtain profits in Q3 2019 due to diminish oil costs.

Provide: XOM SA

Question for oil has been powerful slower than expected over the outdated couple of months. Is it due to interchange war points or are we attempting at a structural shift?

Provide: Bloomberg

We’re going to answer to the structural shift question a little bit of later, nonetheless sooner than that I cherish to present the composition of the S&P 500 (SPY) in 2011. XOM modified into the ideal company, now it’s in 12th dilemma. The market doesn’t imagine there’s powerful enhance ahead for the company, on the least when compared with FAANG shares, no topic the dividend and solid earnings.

Provide: ETF Database

The decline in comparative market capitalization is due to grease costs falling from above $100 per barrel to the most trendy ranges. Per chance these will spin even decrease because the next decade would possibly maybe maybe be the decade when the accurate shift from fossil fuels to renewables turns into actuality. As Buffett would bellow, it’s very crucial to be in businesses the place tailwinds prevail as a replace of headwinds.

Provide: 1977 Letter to shareholders

Let’s scrutinize if there are headwinds or tailwinds ahead for XOM. I’ll first part XOM’s standpoint and then Bloomberg’s to develop with a fair standpoint from McKinsey.

XOM’s outlook

A gaze at XOM’s capex versus money circulation reveals how they’re extremely bullish on oil. While you would possibly maybe maybe be chuffed to spend 75% of you money flows into capital expenditures, you wish to be quite certain referring to the future within your sector.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

Assuming an oil ambiance of $60 per barrel, XOM expects to raise money flows by 50% over the next 5 years.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

The certain enhance assumption is in line with the premise that the new investments will be considerably greater than the past ones and that return on capital employed will be almost thrice the 2016-2018 common on flat oil costs. These are quite optimistic assumptions. I understand the low returns in the center of the 2016-2018 period were due to decline in oil label, nonetheless quiet such enhance in ROCE involves aggressive assumptions.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

They’re heavily increasing investments and future manufacturing in the Permian basin.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

Nonetheless what I cherish to focal point on is the possibility and reward of doable investments. If oil drops to $Forty, something that would possibly maybe occur anytime, Permian investment earnings will be decrease than 1/2 when compared with grease at $60.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

The Guyana upstream investment is moreover borderline agreeable if oil drops to $Forty.

Provide: XOM investor presentation

They notion to proceed to spend 75% of their operating money flows to finance the enhance over the arrival two years.

Provide: Investor presentation

The entire investments are in line with the premise that the enviornment goes to proceed to develop and that the enhance will be in line with fossil fuels.

Provide: Investor presentation

In XOM’s peep, renewables are irrelevant even in 2040, decrease than 5% of the entire energy contribution. Pointless to bellow, we don’t know what the future will catch out about cherish, nonetheless decrease than 5% is something that I’m quite certain is a extremely pessimistic outlook for renewables. Pointless to bellow, a tons of outlook would flip many XOM investments to unprofitability.

Provide: Investor presentation

Let’s scrutinize the reverse side of the medal.

Bloomberg’s outlook on the plot in which ahead for energy

The critical thing here is whether you would possibly maybe maybe dangle a dynamic or mounted mindset. On the pause, this can all be about label. If the renewable technology develops snappy enough for it to be more cost-effective than oil at $60, oil will must descend to $Forty and decrease to withhold being connected. If we catch out about on the worldwide solar irradiance draw, we scrutinize that the countries the place the most quiz for fossil fuels is anticipated to return from, dangle extremely excessive and certain solar doable.

Provide: Inexperienced Rhino Vitality

Bloomberg sees renewables making about 50% of the worldwide energy mix in 2040. That is an massive inequity when when compared with XOM’s few share sides.

Provide: BNEF

The quiz erosion from a linear implementation of EVs would already be very detrimental to grease, no longer to point to renewables.

Provide: BNEF

It’d be particularly detrimental to XOM because the investments they’re specializing in, cherish deepwater or shale oil, wouldn’t be that agreeable anymore.

Provide: McKinsey

An purpose standpoint – what to imagine?

McKinsey created a accurate chart exhibiting what it’s major to imagine in and the affect of this kind of remark on oil costs. For oil to remain at most trendy ranges, nothing has to interchange and quiz enhance also can quiet meet expectations.

Provide: McKinsey

For oil costs to descend under $Forty, which is something that would possibly maybe maybe be very detrimental to XOM investors because the most trendy label reflects oil at $60 in some unspecified time in the future, there must be technology disruption. How far are we from technology disruption?

Will technology disrupt oil?

There are more than a number of tech factors that provide the aptitude to disrupt oil:

  • More ambiance succesful ICE engines
  • Electric drivetrains
  • Shared mobility
  • Wind and solar revolution
  • Vitality storage

Bloomberg forecasts energy storage to raise 122 times by 2040.

Provide: BNEF

If energy storage with out be conscious turns into agreeable, more cost-effective than oil, the shift will be snappy and this would possibly maybe most likely maybe be particularly snappy for XOM investors.

Trouble-reward for XOM investors

As inventory costs portray nothing greater than what investors ask the industry to produce in some unspecified time in the future, when there’ll make certain indications that a shift in technology is coming, XOM’s inventory will descend, and also can quiet descend exhausting. The most trendy dividend does no longer clarify the possibility of conserving XOM.

If the shift available in the market’s perception is available in 2023, I ask that investors will quiz a ten% yield from XOM, consequently, alongside decrease oil costs, I would no longer be stunned to scrutinize XOM at $30 or decrease.

Many deem the shift is powerful away, nonetheless I deem the signs are accurate and the next decade would possibly maybe maybe be the decade of snappy new tech adoption. I deem our next automobile will be an electric one and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) thinks the identical. What Amazon did to retail will potentially be what renewables will produce to XOM and big oil.

Provide: Amazon

AMZN’s zero carbon emission purpose is accurate 10 years away. They’re doing it no longer since it’s glorious, nonetheless because they ask it to be the most agreeable option in 10 years and additionally they’re ready to make investments in it.

Further, a new take a look at up on confirmed that even gas will be primitive due to rapidly declining costs of renewables and storage.

Provide: IEEFA

The thing is that that is no longer going to even be agreeable to operate an existing gas plant.

Provide: RMI

Further, countries cherish China, India and Germany don’t dangle the natural sources Saudi Arabia or the US dangle. So, why would they withhold attempting to catch pricey fossil fuels if they don’t must. Some bellow that India will be promoting 100% EVs by 2032, China one fifth by 2025.

Even the IEA is unsafe about what’s going to occur in some unspecified time in the future and it has two scenarios. One k for oil and the replace very unpleasant.

New policy remark oil quiz:

The sustainable model remark reveals that now we dangle handed peak oil:

Provide: IEA

So, there are two scenarios for XOM investors and it would possibly maybe per chance maybe be binary.

If issues dwell proper, you would possibly maybe maybe scrutinize your dividend yield spin to 7% or more than most likely a little bit of greater over the next few years, nonetheless you are going to continuously be uncovered to the possibility of a 50% or higher tumble in simplest twelve months, when actuality hits Wall Twin carriageway. Right here’s investing, it’s as a lot as you to scrutinize what are your alternate choices. I don’t cherish such risks and snatch low possibility, excessive reward conditions.

I for my piece snatch copper as a potential to be uncovered to both economic enhance and renewables. No topic remark develops, I’ll produce effectively.

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