Does Giants’ Daniel Jones or Jets’ Sam Darnold have brighter future? (Or are both doomed?) Our beat writers d –
The Giants and Jets lock horns in their once-every-four-years matchup Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Both teams, of course, have a young quarterback — rookie Daniel Jones for the Giants, second-year pro Sam Darnold for the Jets. Jones has started seven games, Darnold 18. So which quarterback has a brighter future? Or are they both doomed…

The Giants and Jets lock horns of their once-every-four-years matchup Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

Both groups, needless to affirm, have a young quarterback — rookie Daniel Jones for the Giants, 2d-twelve months professional Sam Darnold for the Jets. Jones has began seven games, Darnold 18.

So which quarterback has a brighter future? Or are they both doomed to fight?

We made up our minds to set collectively a round-table discussion — Jets beat creator Matt Stypulkoski, Giants beat creator Matt Lombardo, and NFL analyst Darryl Slater — to focus on those questions.

Here’s what our consultants mediate:

OK, let’s beginning with basically the most popular, and then we’ll gain to the forecasting. Which quarterback is better straight away — Darnold or Jones?

Lombardo: Jones appears to be like like closer to a finished product than Darnold, which must be alarming to the Jets and their fans for the reason that Giants’ rookie has made 11 fewer starts. Jones gentle needs to enhance his ball security and decision making from the pocket, however there had been glimpses of why the Giants drafted him sixth overall. Darnold had some accuracy and turnover considerations popping out of USC. But now, he appears to be like regressing in those areas. It’s gentle early for Jones and Darnold, however when you happen to had one game to buy this season, I’d grab Jones over Darnold.

Stypulkoski: Jets fans won’t admire this, however I’m going to lean Jones right here. Both of those guys have turnover factors, little doubt. And both had been a little inconsistent. But the scrutinize test seems to repeat Jones taking a gaze great extra pleased working his offense than Darnold for the time being is working his. Darnold’s pleased toes and dejected habits have gotten the easier of him this season. And even within the games when he’s played decent, he’s largely been ineffective. Assign one game, against the Cowboys, he’s been unable to gain this offense in rhythm. The Giants have a whole lot of their very relish factors, however Jones no no longer up to seems to gain that offense clicking on a semi-fixed basis.

Slater: Jones this season has 11 touchdowns, eight interceptions, eight lost fumbles, and an eighty two.eight ranking. Darnold’s stats — six touchdowns, 9 picks, one lost fumble, 70.5 ranking. His occupation ranking is now 75.5. No longer obliging. Obviously, stats don’t repeat your entire epic. And Darnold absolutely has a closer working out of an NFL playbook than Jones does straight away. On the opposite hand it’s exhausting to argue with the 2 Matts on this one. Jones is having a feast-or-famine rookie twelve months, yet he’s had extra flashes of success than Darnold in 2019. Jones is barely performing better. It’s determined.

As all of us know, a supporting cast matters a lot for a young quarterback. So who has extra skills around him?

Lombardo: Darnold. Saquon Barkley and Le’Veon Bell are a little of a wash within the backfield, however the Jets have done a closer job of giving Darnold skedaddle-catching alternate choices who can gain separation. Robby Anderson, Demaryius Thomas and Jamison Crowder are simply extra fixed than Expedient Shepard, Golden Tate and Evan Engram, who have yet to grab the discipline collectively this season. Darius Slayton has a whole lot of upside and is constructing a unprecedented rapport with Jones, however he has yet to flip that chemistry into fixed manufacturing. The Giants have a little edge along the offensive line, however Darnold’s weapons have great extra upside.

Stypulkoski: It’s genuinely, genuinely terminate. Barkley and Bell within the backfield is de facto a wash, as Matt talked about. Neither team has a ton of large huge receiver alternate choices, however I mediate the Jets’ receivers are rather such as the Giants’ team. The tiebreaker will be tight discontinue. Engram is productive. But the Jets’ Chris Herndon has yet to play this twelve months. Edge to the Giants there. Additionally they have the easier offensive line, which is equally — if no longer extra — predominant. That doesn’t mean the Giants’ line is nice by any stretch, however no no longer up to Dave Gettleman doesn’t have to replace all 5 starters this offseason, admire Joe Douglas could need to make. This Jets line can’t skedaddle defend or flee block the least bit. That’s without a doubt been a serious pain for Darnold.

Slater: Jones does. And that’s half of explanation why he’s performing better. The Giants have factors at offensive form out, yes. But no no longer up to their entire line isn’t a shaggy dog epic — which is the Jets’ pain. It’s easy to fail to see line play at times. (Strive telling that to Darnold, as he runs for his lifestyles.) The Jets are finding out the exhausting draw that it is doubtless you will have effectively-known names admire Bell and Crowder and Anderson around a young quarterback, however it absolutely doesn’t topic when you happen to could seemingly’t block.

A legit educating workers makes a colossal disagreement for guys admire Darnold and Jones, as effectively. Carry out the Giants or Jets have a closer workers straight away for molding a young quarterback?

Lombardo: Give the Giants this: For all of coach Pat Shurmur’s flaws, John Mara mainly hired him because of he believed he could seemingly construct Eli Manning’s successor. Shurmur was on Andy Reid’s workers with the Eagles within the center of Donovan McNabb’s rookie season, and he also got basically the most out of journeyman Case Keenum in 2017, when the Vikings reached the NFC title game. The Giants also have offensive coordinator Mike Shula, who played quarterback. Shrimp edge to Shurmur and Shula over Adam Gase and Dowell Loggains, however both staffs appear destined to gain fired because of they can’t gain basically the most out of a young quarterback.

Stypulkoski: Oh, yikes. Discuss deciding on your poison. At this point, Shurmur and Gase both appear deeply unsuitable and destined for failure in this market. Both have also failed sooner than in assorted locations. But I’ll give the little edge to Gase right here, interested by he has a playoff berth and 10-buy season below his belt — despite the proven fact that that 2016 season in Miami feels admire a lengthy-lost fluke at the unique time.

Slater: Shurmur has a closer discover epic than Gase in phrases of maximizing a quarterback’s skills. The critical example, needless to affirm, is Keenum in Minnesota. Gase couldn’t make great with Ryan Tannehill in Miami. And maybe, as it seems, that wasn’t totally Tannehill’s fault. Gase set up colossal numbers with Peyton Manning in Denver. But how great of that genuinely had to make with Gase’s educating acumen? It’s obliging-eager to marvel, as Darnold flounders. That is Gase’s first time working with a high-profile young quarterback. And to this point, Gase is failing. Shurmur need to not the guy to flip Jones correct into a star, however he gets the threshold right here.

Backside line: All issues life like, does Darnold or Jones have a brighter future? And why? What does your crystal ball affirm?

Lombardo: Jones is barely in a closer pain than Darnold, who has his relish factors to beat. For as bleak as issues gaze in East Rutherford straight away, there is a whole lot of early-round draft skills on the Giants’ roster, and Gettleman is flush with 2020 cap residence to proceed constructing around Jones. Assuming Shepard (concussion) is able to advance help to football and play at a high level, Jones has the likelihood to grow with Barkley, Shepard, Engram and Slayton. I’m no longer particular Gase is the ideal man to fix Darnold. And the Jets’ offense appears to be like like great additional remote from a finished product than the Giants’ does.

Stypulkoski: Per chance right here is correct my cynical nature colorful via, however I’m no longer convinced yet that either of those guys is a correct franchise quarterback. In all likelihood both, if dropped into the ideal pain, typically is a star. In all likelihood both would fight below any conditions. I’m no longer particular. It’s no longer easy to repeat from the little proof we have on both gamers straight away. If I’m being pressed, despite the proven fact that, I’ll skedaddle with Jones — strictly for the reason that Giants have a closer discover epic of fixing their factors and cobbling collectively a winner than the Jets. After 50 years of struggles, it’s straight away not easy to belief the Jets will gain one thing else correct unless it genuinely happens.

Slater: I’m no longer simply about as cynical as Stypulkoski — that’s a high bar to determined — however I’m also no longer equipped on Jones or Darnold as a future star. The jury is gentle very great out on both. I was by no draw totally convinced by Darnold’s unprecedented attain to 2018. He a indispensable to repeat me extra, especially interested by how sluggish he regarded at times earlier in his rookie twelve months. Here’s the true fact in this day’s NFL: A high-profile quarterback is anticipated to construct indispensable progress in Year 2 or Year Three at basically the most popular. And Darnold correct isn’t doing that straight away, for the many reasons we listed above (including maybe his relish shortcomings). Unless one thing adjustments (admire the educating workers, all over all over again?), it’s no longer easy to in actual fact feel totally optimistic about his probabilities. But since I’m contractually obligated to offer an solution to this inquire of, right here it is — Jones.

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