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Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, is testing out a new kind of business investment in the city of Detroit. The idea grew out of Dimon's interest in changing the way the bank was engaging in philanthropy. He wanted to try and tackle a major national issue, like urban poverty, by applying the same…

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Mosey, is making an strive out out a new more or less industry funding within the metropolis of Detroit. The premise grew out of Dimon’s hobby in altering the reach the bank modified into as soon as enticing in philanthropy. He wished to test out and take care of a predominant nationwide issue, like metropolis poverty, by making exhaust of the identical more or less skills and analytics to the topic that the bank uses to repeat big companies.

His first aim, he stated, would be the metropolis of Detroit, appropriate after it filed for financial demolish.

Jamie Dimon: Detroit could per chance per chance be one amongst the finest failures of an American metropolis that we’ve ever considered. My glimpse is, why can not we fabricate Detroit an instance of The United States’s exceptionalism, bag of us roll up their sleeves, salvage collectively and swap the tide of ancient past upright there, upright now? 

So in 2014 Jamie Dimon picked up the phone and called the then-new mayor of Detroit, Mike Duggan.

Mike Duggan, mayor of Detroit

Mike Duggan: My assistant came in and stated, “Jamie Dimon’s on the phone.” And I stated, “That’s a fantastic coincidence. That is the identical determine because the president of the finest bank in The United States.” She stated, “I bag it is the JPMorgan (LAUGH) Jamie Dimon.” I didn’t bag any notion Jamie Dimon knew who I modified into as soon as. So I picked up the phone…I acknowledged

Lesley Stahl: He cool-called?

Mike Duggan: Cold called. I appropriate– no– no warning. And I acknowledged his say. He stated, “I deserve to support the metropolis of Detroit.”

For Mayor Duggan, the phone call modified into as soon as about as not going as his victory appropriate months prior to. He won, surprisingly, as a write-in candidate, becoming the first white mayor of Detroit in forty years, in a metropolis that’s practically about eighty% black. 

Lesley Stahl: Characterize Detroit if you came in as Mayor.


Mike Duggan: Half of the streetlights within the metropolis had been out. How enact you salvage avenue lights fastened? A third of the buses had been within the storage broken down. Of us had been standing on avenue corners for hours– waiting for a bus. There had been simplest eight working ambulances within the complete metropolis. There had been times that you just could per chance per chance presumably wait an hour if you dialed 911. And between 2000 and 2013, 250,000 of us left the metropolis of Detroit. I point out, that’s more than the complete population of the metropolis of Buffalo. So if you happen to’ll be ready to take into consideration every person in Buffalo leaving in thirteen years and leaving your complete structures within the abet of and empty. That’s what Detroit experienced main as much as financial demolish.


This is what qualified functions of Detroit gave the look of: a bombed out warzone. Abandoned factories. Boarded up homes. 

In the origin, Dimon agreed to exhaust $100 million. No longer loads of cash for the bank, or Detroit, but he knew that JPMorgan had one thing in a reach more precious.  

Jamie Dimon: So it be not the money, and that’s a necessary thing. It modified into as soon as about the support, the advice, the consulting, the solutions, the human capital.

And it modified into as soon as about the solutions that the bank collects and crunches each day, more files about industry and patrons than the authorities collects. 

Jamie Dimon: We exhaust big files and man made intelligence in working our companies around the sector for likelihood and credit score and marketing. So right here, we basically bag gracious files, too, about how of us exhaust their money.

Lesley Stahl: The set their bank cards are exhibiting up.


Jamie Dimon: We can basically look the set of us exhaust money on credit score and debit cards and assessments and the set they’re spending, like, at restaurants, et cetera. That one fragment of files creates the set you’re going to be ready to originate a store, the set you’re going to be ready to enact one thing diversified. 

Dimon had the analysts originate a database appropriate for Detroit. 

Jamie Dimon: So we know, in a particular section of metropolis, that that you just could per chance per chance presumably be traveling 20 minutes to purchase milk or 20 minutes to head to a restaurant, which reach that a store shall be 10 minutes away.

Lesley Stahl: To support the young entrepreneur, who desires to originate a restaurant. And that you just could per chance per chance presumably be telling him potentially the most tremendous set to enact it.

Jamie Dimon: To support the set you originate a restaurant, the set you set inexpensive housing.

The first disclose of industry modified into as soon as inexpensive housing. Other investors, just like the owners of Quicken Loans and Small Ceasar’s Pizza, had been already pouring money into the redevelopment of downtown. 

Sonya Mays and Jamie Dimon

So the mayor asked Dimon to listen to the blighted neighborhoods that the bank’s files identified as ripe for redevelopment, neighborhoods like this one in Detroit’s north discontinue.

Lesley Stahl: So that is traditional, huh?

Sonya Mays: Yeah, that is a terribly dazzling instance of the challenges that the Detroit neighborhoods are facing.

Sonya Mays runs a non-profit housing pattern company. She’s a lawyer, outmoded funding banker and Detroit native. With more than $4 million from JPMorgan Mosey, she bought 30 abandoned properties and vacant heaps so she could per chance per chance work on revitalizing your complete neighborhood at the identical time.

Sonya Mays: It is a extensive necessary funding that’s de facto supposed to kick open other investors, dwelling owners, residents coming into this neighborhood. I point out stumble on at this. This just isn’t very gonna pull any one right here. You’ll must determine how one can take care of stuff like that. You basically enact deserve to assault the complete thing that’s blighted that’s potentially gonna pressure down property values–

Lesley Stahl: So you’re going to bag got to enact your complete avenue?

Sonya Mays: You’ll must enact it block by block. 

She’s benefitting from JPMorgan’s particular program of guidance funds to minority companies that wouldn’t in any other case qualify for them. 

Lesley Stahl: Whilst you happen to didn’t bag the JPMorgan particular program, you have not got gotten the funds? 

Sonya Mays: We talked to loads of different of us. (LAUGHTER)

Lesley Stahl: No longer appropriate you, Jamie?

Sonya Mays: Yeah, and the– acknowledge– the acknowledge to that’s, not going. The acknowledge to that’s, potentially the most tremendous we potentially could per chance per chance’ve performed, but for this program and this funding is, enact a dwelling, enact a dwelling, sell a dwelling. Lunge to the next dwelling, enact a dwelling. And at that charge, I– I did this math one day. At that charge, like it– you know, it could actually per chance per chance take like, you know, a couple centuries. 

Sonya Mays, Lesley Stahl and Jamie Dimon internal one amongst Detroit’s renovated homes

This dwelling is one amongst several Sonya Mays has carried out. 

Lesley Stahl: Oh wow.

Her work on this neighborhood has been so a success she’s rising it to other functions of Detroit. 

Lesley Stahl: Didn’t you glimpse, Jamie, that there modified into as soon as more or less a racial bias against giving loans?

Jamie Dimon: Obvious.

Lesley Stahl: To blacks and other minorities?

Jamie Dimon: Yeah. I bag that’s dazzling in heart-broken neighborhoods. 

Lesley Stahl: But when you happen to glimpse out that any individual like Sonya not basically her you give her a loan you have not got prior to, but they’re paying it abet. Are you beginning to bag that what you now bag in solutions awful, has that modified? In your solutions, must level-headed it swap in each set?

Jamie Dimon: Are there are things that we could per chance per chance had been doing anyway in unique banking that could per chance per chance’ve helped in these communities? The acknowledge could per chance per chance be. 

Without a doubt, he’s studying that, by partnering with native non-profit groups just like the Kellogg Foundation and rising an “entrepreneurs of color fund” that’s an experiment on that very issue of loans to minority companies. 

Jamie Dimon: We started itsy-bitsy, forty loans. They’re all paying abet.

Lesley Stahl: But those had been loans that you just’d not bag ordinarily made.

Jamie Dimon: No, No.

Lesley Stahl: So you modified the criterion for giving credit score to any individual–

Jamie Dimon: So that is nontraditional banking. I call it kinda project banking. So stumble on beyond what you enact on the complete. Snatch a little bit of extra likelihood. Give them more support.

The loans bag gone to originate a wine shop, a gymnasium, a restaurant. In all, JPMorgan Mosey has helped more than 5,000 companies right here.

Jamie Dimon: Real writing a test doesn’t in actuality work very well.

Dimon has additionally assembled groups of experts from the bank who exhaust weeks at a time living and dealing within the metropolis and providing loads of helpful advice.

Jamie Dimon: Very on the complete, these entrepreneurs, they wanted support in: How enact you impress a hire? How enact you negotiate with the authorities? How can I open the utilization of a price range? How enact you construct traffic? How enact you enact social media? How can I enter the exact banking arrangement, which is what the final aim is? So yeah, it is going to also swap how we enact banking for itsy-bitsy industry and we’re getting better at it.


Lesley Stahl: Detroit modified into as soon as in a lotta distress prior to the monetary crisis. However the monetary crisis appropriate did them in 100%. That– that modified into as soon as crushing. Discontinuance you feel, in any reach, that that you just could per chance per chance presumably be atoning for the sins of Wall Avenue, if you hurry and set your effort into Detroit? Is that to your head?

Jamie Dimon: I wouldn’t exhaust the word ‘atone.’ I all– bag we owe abet to society. 

Lesley Stahl: But Detroit, particularly? The monetary crisis appropriate decimated the metropolis.

Jamie Dimon: And I bag that we all deserve to re-kind our believe a little bit thanks to what came about. Or not it is ok to claim, “Yeah, we must level-headed enact better than we did closing time.” And I bag that’s dazzling for every person that modified into as soon as fascinated by– in– the crisis.

The bank has additionally brought in further investors while the mayor is working onerous to trap big-time manufacturers abet into the metropolis. 

Early this 300 and sixty five days he persuaded Fiat Chrysler to originate a new plant that could per chance per chance point out 5,000 new jobs. The mayor desired to guarantee those companies that Detroit could per chance per chance provide well-professional workers. But…   

Mike Duggan: Our residents didn’t bag the talents to fulfill many of those jobs. And Jamie Dimon had JPMorgan Mosey enact a complete prognosis and it ended in the program we’ve this day, what we called Detroit at Work, one amongst the finest employment companies within the nation the set we now salvage Detroiters, line them up for jobs at Fiat Chrysler, line them up for jobs in a complete preference of areas.

From right here they’re sent to job training purposes which, in step with JPMorgan’s prognosis, bag redesigned their reach.

Mike Duggan: We took the total training purposes within the metropolis, and so that they now simplest educate for jobs of us are hiring for. That also can appear evident, then as soon as more it wasn’t prior to.

Quite loads of the educational purposes are trot by non-profit groups like Focus Hope.

Lesley Stahl: So this more or less thing also can very well be at the Chrysler plant, as an illustration. 

Jamie Dimon: Yeah.

That got a $1.3 Million grant from JPMorgan Mosey.

Or not it is all section of the metropolis’s long game to reverse Detroit’s long decline. Or not it is an effort, the mayor says, that’s a push against ancient past.

Mike Duggan: It goes abet to the federal insurance policies within the Thirties. That could per chance per chance not lend in areas the set of us of color lived. You’ll bag had decades of federal insurance policies that bag worked against of us of color to profit Caucasians leaving cities. 

Lesley Stahl: JPMorgan Mosey has now dedicated $200 million–

Mike Duggan: Real. Real.

Lesley Stahl: –to the metropolis. Is that adequate? I point out, your issues charge reach more than that. 

Mike Duggan: Nobody’s asserting JPMorgan Mosey is the savior of the metropolis by itself. You know, we bag now loads of predominant investors on this metropolis. But they’ve been a the biggest fragment. They pushed this restoration of the metropolis along the be aware sooner than it woulda been.

Lesley Stahl: How some distance along the idea bag you ever arrive as much as now. 

Mike Duggan: I’d remark we’re about the 1/3 inning of the sport. (LAUGH)

Lesley Stahl: Third inning of the sport.

Mike Duggan: We got a protracted reach to head, but we’re positively on the upright path.

JPMorgan Mosey has now dedicated 1/2 a thousand million dollars to take what it be realized in Detroit and export it to, among other cities, Chicago and Washington D.C.

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