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The standstill — even on an issue that has bipartisan backing and the support of a fickle president — reflects the unceasing gridlock of today’s Senate and how difficult it is to move any major legislation through the upper chamber. With Democrats in control of the House, the GOP-controlled Senate has shifted virtually its entire…

The standstill — even on a bother that has bipartisan backing and the give a purchase to of a fickle president — shows the unceasing gridlock of these days’s Senate and the arrangement in which delicate it is a ways to pass any fundamental rules thru the upper chamber.

With Democrats up to the price of the Condo, the GOP-controlled Senate has shifted practically its complete focal level to confirming Trump’s judicial nominees the put bipartisan votes aren’t wished. And heading into an election year, McConnell is loath to bring up issues that divide his caucus or possibility alienating grand substitute groups. Legislative activity will handiest decline extra if and when the Senate holds an impeachment trial that can extra polarize the Capitol.

“I’ve acknowledged to folks here, when you’ve been here Four years or less you’ve never viewed the Senate,” acknowledged Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) “And likewise that you just can enjoy loved it. It modified into once an engaging establish. We had funds, and amendments … we did sizable things.”

Senate Republicans enjoy unsurprisingly left out a raft of liberal measures passed by the Democratic Condo, along side funds to curb gun violence or overhaul election criminal guidelines. But even ostensibly less controversial rules to reauthorize the Violence Against Ladies Act or give a purchase to retirement security enjoy additionally stride aground amid partisan bickering.

The handiest measures on a typical basis transferring are must-hotfoot funds to steer clear of a shutdown, and lawmakers are mild struggling to attain a prolonged-time duration deal to fund the authorities.

McConnell has made no secret that stacking the judiciary with conservatives is a top precedence. But he additionally argues that the Senate could perchance manufacture extra if the Condo wasn’t stalling on matters just like the US-Mexico-Canada substitute settlement or the annual protection protection bill.

“If [Democrats] are going to defend plowing ahead with their impeachment obsession, they cannot abdicate their same old governing duties on the identical time,” McConnell acknowledged no longer too prolonged in the past.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing her absorb rules to curb the price of prescription medication, but McConnell has acknowledged it has no likelihood in the Senate.

Most Republicans enjoy prolonged opposed federal intervention via the price of prescription medication, but public give a purchase to for motion as neatly as Trump’s embody of the bother could perchance perchance be shifting the party’s stance.

The GOP chief acknowledged in September that the Senate’s subsequent steps on prescription medication were “underneath discussion” and that the chamber is “having a undercover agent at doing something on drug pricing.” Composed, McConnell has demonstrated dinky curiosity in taking over Grassley’s bill, which can perchance perchance cap seniors’ out of pocket charges on medication in Medicare and penalize companies that levy broad price increases, amongst dozens of alternative measures aimed at reducing spending on medication.

That’s despite Trump announcing he likes Grassley’s bill “very worthy” and top White Condo aides throwing their give a purchase to in the help of the rules.

Health substitute sources carefully monitoring the Senate proposal, pronounce McConnell’s office is no longer making an effort to support the White Condo opt up his members on board.

Asked whether McConnell would bring the bill to the ground, one Republican senator acknowledged, “I’m in a position to’t take into consideration. It’s like Grassley, and a pair of Republicans and all of the Democrats on the committee.”

Grassley has acknowledged that any motion on his bill is likely roam into 2020 and that the measure for the time being doesn’t enjoy ample give a purchase to to hotfoot in the Senate.

Grassley and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), the bill’s coauthor and the Finance Committee’s ranking member, are attempting to assign changes to the bill to garner extra Republican backing.

“This bill could perchance honest no longer enjoy 60 votes these days, but when Republicans wake up to the incontrovertible reality that 22 of them are up for reelection and in every hiss it’s a bother … they’re going to soon be aware that here is the avenue to manufacture something to blame,” Grassley acknowledged at an tournament slack final month . “But we’re no longer there but.”

As a result of the rules evolved out of the Senate Finance Committee in July, administration officials along side Health and Human Products and services Secretary Alex Azar and Joe Grogan, director of the White Condo Home Policy Council, were on the Hill pushing the bipartisan bill with dinky to indicate for it.

The measure modified into once accredited by the panel on a 19-9 vote, with six Republicans becoming a member of all Democrats and nine Republicans opposed. A chairman advancing a bill thru committee over the opposition of most in his party is an uncommon tournament, but the reality underscores Grassley’s commitment to transferring ahead.

GOP senators who voted in opposition to the bill largely cited a proposed change to Medicare’s prescription drug encourage that they pronounce is akin to implementing authorities price controls; it will impose monetary penalties on companies that lift prices quicker than inflation.

Grassley has acknowledged provision is crucial to defend Democrats on board with the bill. But even a pair of of the Republicans who voted for it in committee enjoy indicated they could perchance honest no longer give a purchase to remaining passage on the ground if that language stays.

One other broad neatly being protection package with bipartisan give a purchase to has additionally faced headwinds.

The Senate HELP Committee accredited a bill this summer season that can perchance perchance purpose to stop surprise medical funds, lift the ethical age to settle tobacco to 21 — a precedence of McConnell’s — and enlarge opponents in the drug substitute. While the White Condo hasn’t backed the package explicitly, Grogan penned an op-ed this past Wednesday calling on lawmakers to “come support to Washington in December prepared to vote to provide protection to patients from surprise medical funds.”

Momentum on the rules stalled after pushback from doctors and darkish money groups over opt up to the underside of “surprise” bill disputes between insurance companies and neatly being care suppliers. Senate GOP management hasn’t given any assurances it will bring the measure to the ground, although one Senate Republican aide acknowledged it can perchance change into share of an cease-of-year spending package.

“I hope we are in a position to give you a consensus portray the leaders could perchance keep to any share of rules they must keep it to,” HELP Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) told reporters no longer too prolonged in the past. “I focus on in some unspecified time in the future folks are going to tell, ‘We’d admire to manufacture extra than ascertain judges and focus on about impeachment.’”

Certainly, the Senate has no longer been doing worthy legislating for the time being. Republicans enjoy as a substitute prioritized the affirmation of judicial and executive branch nominees, even changing Senate ideas to bustle up the formulation. To this level this Congress, the Senate has held 268 votes on nominations, in contrast to ninety eight votes on rules.

The Condo has sent extra than 300 funds over to the Senate, and Democrats are mercurial to level out that a quantity of them enjoy Republican give a purchase to.

Even efforts to contend with issues of bipartisan boom are faltering amid partisan rancor.

Have the Violence Against Ladies Act. Negotiations between Sens. Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) to reauthorize the landmark rules fell apart earlier this month with finger-pointing on each and each facets.

Democrats desire Republicans to bring up the Condo-passed bill, which can perchance perchance expand the anti-domestic violence rules to be certain folks convicted of dating violence or stalking cannot gain a firearm. In the period in-between, Ernst now has her absorb version of the bill and accused Senate Minority Chief Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) of attempting to disclaim her a hang as she campaigns for reelection. Schumer replied that Ernst is “alarmed of the NRA.”

A push to bolster Americans’ retirement security has additionally stumbled no longer too prolonged in the past. The Condo passed a bill in Also can honest to support folks to make a contribution extra to retirement financial savings accounts by a 417-3 vote, but it undoubtedly hasn’t gotten a ways in the Senate.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) no longer too prolonged in the past sought to pass forward on the rules with some amendments, but Democrats blocked the establish a question to over the Republicans’ proposed changes. Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) acknowledged the amendments “are no longer in the curiosity of working households and must fracture any likelihood this bill has of changing into rules.” Then when Murray tried to hotfoot the Condo bill, Toomey blocked it.

Toomey, meanwhile, is pleased to investigate cross-check progress on judges but is mild hoping to determine on up some extra funds signed into rules.

“I’m very chuffed with the sizable progress we’ve made filling vacancies on the federal courts. Very, very optimistic,” Toomey acknowledged. “But I would prefer to investigate cross-check extra legislative activity.”